Nghe An border guards undertake initiatives to prevent and control COVID-19

by NDO08 September 2021 Last updated at 14:00 PM

A mailbox placed for reporting illegal entry and exit cases
A mailbox placed for reporting illegal entry and exit cases

VTV.vn - Border guards in Nghe An Province have actively undertaken initiatives to raise awareness of local ethnic minorities in the fight against the pandemic while firmly protecting national sovereignty and border security.

Organising communication programmes in ethnic languages

Over the past few months, the High Command of Nhon Mai Border Post has established an editorial board to translate leaflets on pandemic prevention and control measures and regulations into the native ethnic languages and distribute the translated leaflets to people in the area. The information is also broadcast on the local loudspeaker system to reach a wider audience.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen The Hung, his border post’s managing area covers the two border communes of Mai Son and Nhon Mai in Tuong Duong District, which are home to many ethnic minorities.

Holding that the local people are interested in their folk songs, the editorial board also adapted information on laws, pandemic prevention and control regulations into lyrics and created melodies for them in order to deliver performances to them.

Meanwhile, Keng Du is the furthest commune in border district of Ky Son. It is home to over 900 households with a total of more than 5,000 people of Kho Mu and Thai ethnic groups. Local border guards have ride to every village in the commune and use mobile speakers to update locals on the pandemic situation and measures to prevent the pandemic.

Vice Chairman of Keng Du Commune People's Committee Luong Van Thoong said that the local authorities have coordinated with the border post to establish a communication team, including representatives from local functional agencies and organisations, aiming to visit every village in the commune to popularise the latest information on COVID-19 to villagers while encouraging them to strictly follow prevention measures.

The team has shown its effective operation in updating information and raise awareness about COVID-19 prevention and control efforts among ethnic minority groups, particularly those living in remote areas.

A border guard disseminates information on COVID-19 prevention and control in local ethnic languages via the loudspeaker system.

Placing mailboxes to report illegal entry and exit cases

In a bid to mobilise further participation and the joint efforts of people in the fight against COVID-19 and the prevention of illegal entry and exit, border guards in Nghe An Province have coordinated with local authorities to place hundreds of mailboxes for reporting illegal entry and exit cases.

These mailboxes have been placed in many hamlets and villages in the province’s border areas, with proper communication events having been held to help locals understand the role of the mailboxes and to increase their responsibility in handling illegal entry and exit.

Captain Nguyen Xuan Thanh from Na Loi Border Post said that the number of illegal entry and exit cases has increased amidst the complicated development of COVID-19. Most of the violators attempt to enter Vietnam via small trails along border areas to avoid the mandatory concentrated quarantine period.

Therefore, the border post has coordinated with localities in the area to place mailboxes to receive information on illegal entry and exit cases in order to promptly handle violations.

Border guards in Nghe An Province have also increase patrols and control the travel at border gates and trails throughout the locality.

The consensus between army and people plus the great efforts made by Nghe An Province’s border guards have brought about practical results in containing COVID-19 while contributing to protecting border security and social order in the locality.


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