New TV program for workers on VTV3

by Hồng Quân29 May 2022 Last updated at 06:00 AM - Called "The Ninth+ Hours", VTV's new program will be a useful, interesting and attractive playground for Vietnamese workers.

The concept of the show was incubated and its format was built for more than a year until its broadcast.

The program will consist of three parts, including:

- On shift - Skills contest: where the outstanding skills of workers are shown, helping them to be prouder of the work they are doing. The content of the competition is created based on the actual production process.

The "Golden Hand" challenge is an opportunity to showcase the talent of workers when they actually make products on the stage of "The Ninth+ Hours" using familiar machines and tools in the factory.

- Rest: where the individual talents, creativity and EQ intelligence of the workers are shown. They will tell the stories of the daily work and activities with unique, creative and emotional expressions.

With excitement and surprise, the game of skills were organized for the audience and guest artists. This is the game for workers, colleagues and trade union organizations to come together to build and energize individual progress and collective development in the present and in the future.

- After-work: The time after work is used for workers to learn more information useful for life and production. Questions about rights and policies for employees are formulated based the real histories that workers go through.

Accompanying the program "The Ninth+ Hours" are famous artists, who are loved by many workers across the country, such as: People's Artist Tu Long, Meritorious Artist Xuan Bac, Meritorious Artist Quang Thang, actor Tuan Tu, actor Thanh Huong, among others.

The "The Ninth+ Hours" program encourages workers to show their talents, the spirit of learning and creativity so that they would not only have good skills but also reach the top of the career.

Therefore, "The Ninth+ Hours" expresses the voices and aspirations of workers, aspirations in line with the progress of society. The program at the same time encourages the workers to have confidence, make progress and advance in their career.

The 9th Hour+ program will air weekly at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, from May 29, 2022 to September 4, 2022 on VTV3.


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