National Single Window system reforms administrative procedures

by P.V20 December 2015 Last updated at 08:51 AM

VTV.vn - Vietnam's National Single Window system has connected three related ministries to form “Level 4” online public services nationwide.

Many administrative procedures will be done through a single system window that allows traders to quickly complete all import- or export-related regulatory requirements.

It used to take up to several hours for people and businesses to get authorisation to enter and exit ports. However, this procedure was recently simplified by the new Level 4 of the National Single Window system, or NSW. Enterprises now only need a computer or a phone with internet to register to enter the port.

Now people only need to send a text message and wait for a few minutes to see if they are eligible to get in through the port. This makes the process much easier.

The Ministry of Transport also provides online public services NSW Level 3 and 4 in many areas such as maritime, registry, and roads. To date, 42 percent of services related to the Ministry of Transport have been connected to the National Single Window system, which provides eight times more online public services than was previously planned.

"There are over 500 kinds of administrative procedures, and 80 of them can now be done through levels 3 and 4 of the National Single Window system. We will try to add the rest of the procedures in 2016", said Trinh Thi Hang Nga, Head, Legislation Department, Ministry of Transport.

Ultimately, nine ministries are expected to use level 4 online public services, which could initially reduce 15-30 percent, and even up to 90 percent, of the time taken to complete administrative procedures. This new system is therefore expected to greatly reduce the pressure on the current system.

The government cannot keep up with the increasing number of business transactions. Therefore, it is crucial to apply NSW and the internet to ease the process.

The participation of nine ministries in the National Single Window system is a good foundation to build the ASEAN Single Window system and prepare for the creation of the ASEAN Community. Initially, Vietnam will exchange electronic certificates of origin with Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand to simplify administrative procedures.

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