More than 600 actors and artists "Light up the Dream of Vietnamese Children"

by Khánh Huyền03 October 2023 Last updated at 15:33 PM - Over 600 actors and artists from 12 art troupes brought a grand party to the audience during this year's Mid-Autumn Festival.

The Lighting Vietnamese Children's Dreams 2023 program took place on the evening of September 25 on Vietnam Television. The event had the participation of Mr. Do Van Chien - Secretary of the Party Central Committee, President of the Viet Nam Fatherland Front; Ms. Ha Thi Nga - Member of the Party Central Committee, President of the Vietnam Women's Union; Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa - President of the Vietnam Association for Protection of Children's Rights; and representatives of ministries and branches.

Giving a speech at the program, the President of the Viet Nam Fatherland Front Do Van Chien affirmed that the Party and State are very interested in the care, education and protection of children. Many guidelines, policies and laws have been issued and implemented with good results, practically caring for, educating and protecting children's rights according to the provisions of the law. Children live in a safe, healthy environment and have conditions for more comprehensive development. However, there is still a group of poor children, disabled and vulnerable children, and children living in remote areas who still have many difficulties in life and need more support and help to have the opportunity to surpass in studying, training and nurturing dreams.

Appreciating the organization of the Lighting Vietnamese Children's Dreams Program 2023, President Do Van Chien affirmed that this job has many meanings and profound humanitarian values, practically helping children who have particular circumstances, disabled children, and poor families but still try to excel in study and life. One hundred outstanding children from the provinces of Yen Bai, Lang Son, Tuyen Quang, Thai Nguyen and Nghe An will interact, make friends, share the joy of childhood and receive meaningful gifts of encouragement. the children on their path to overcoming difficulties and achieving success. The program "Lighting Vietnamese Children's Dreams" is even more meaningful when it is held in the joyful atmosphere of the new school year, and the children are preparing to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival full of joy and childhood memories.

The President of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Do Van Chien gave a speech

The President of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Do Van Chien gave a speech

President Do Van Chien hopes that all levels of Party committees, authorities, departments, unions, schools, organizations, individuals and benefactors will continue to give special affection, care and help to educate and protect children in general and children with exceptional circumstances in particular so that they can live and study in a safe, healthy, and loving environment of the entire society. Each of us should accompany children to light their dreams so that no child is left behind.

"I hope that you will always remember the sacred teaching of our beloved Uncle Ho: "Whether the Vietnamese mountains and rivers will become beautiful or not, will the Vietnamese people step up to the throne of glory to stand shoulder to shoulder with the great world superpower, depends largely on the children’s effort in studying." Children, please make more efforts, strive to become good children, good students, good member of the Union of Vietnamese children, good children of Uncle Ho", President Do Van Chien emphasized.

On this occasion, President Do Van Chien awarded scholarships and gifts to children in the program.


Taking the idea of ​​the Moon being stolen by dark forces, the program Lighting Vietnamese Children's Dreams 2023 takes young audiences along the length of the country through many lands, meeting children and, listening to many stories, discovering interesting cultural features. Ms. Hang, Mr. Cuoi, and the children together carried out the mission to find and bring the Moon back to shine on Mid-Autumn night. For the task to be completed, the character and the children must meet five challenges together. The puzzle pieces that need to be opened are Roots - Happiness and Health - Sharing - Creativity - Solidarity.

Hosting the program are Ms. Hang Huyen Trang and Mr. Cuoi Dung Hon

Hosting the program are "Ms. Hang" Huyen Trang and "Mr. Cuoi" Dung Hon

The notable point of the program is that the keywords are expressed vividly, full of sound and colour through performances throughout. The songs often used during each Mid-Autumn Festival are familiar to the audience. But through the hands of the production team, these compositions are breathed with a new, modern and youthful breeze with Rap and Pop.

In particular, folk music from three regions is included, helping the program have more distinct colours. The program's production team has done a massive amount of work.

Lighting up Vietnamese children's dreams has the participation of more than 600 artists and actors from 12 art troupes. Among them, there are singers known to a large audience, such as Ha Myo, Rapper Piggy, Double2T... Not only that, the audience can also meet many faces attracting attention on the small screen, such as actor Thanh Son, actor Dung Hon, child actor An Nhien, child actor Gia Nghia...

What is worth mentioning is that these performing artists have become a part of the program's story, bringing the light of the Moon back to the sky to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with the children. For that reason, Lighting up Vietnamese children's dreams has brought the audience an extremely vibrant "party" with all the sounds and vibrant colours.

Closing the program with the performance "Moon of Love", the program "Lighting up Vietnamese Children's Dreams 2023" spreads the message of solidarity and community cohesion across the country and, at the same time, conveys wishes that all children always have a joyful, peaceful and happy life.

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