Mind Map Vietnam 2022 - New playground for elementary school students

by Hồng Quân07 August 2022 Last updated at 06:00 AM

VTV.vn - Mind Map Vietnam, an interesting playground that helps children promote creativity, will air this August.

Following the success of the Vietnam Mind Map Competition 2021, with the desire to replicate the new learning method nationwide, stimulate the active learning spirit of students at all levels through activities that develop memory and promote creative ideas, the Vietnam Records Institute officially cooperated with Vietnam Television to organize the Vietnam Mind Map 2022 - Vietnam Mind Map Championship 2022 competition for individuals and teams.

Vietnam Mind Map Contest 2022, the team version, is a television game show for elementary school students that will be broadcast starting in August. In which, the students participating in the program are all 4th and 5th graders from elementary schools across the country. After announcing the search for contestants, more than 2,400 students from 42/63 provinces and cities across the country registered to participate in the program. This demonstrates the interest and appeal of this contest for students and parents.

Having passed many rounds of casting, the top 48 teams will be present at Vietnam Television in Hanoi to participate in the recording of 16 qualifying matches. Each qualifying match will include 3 rounds: Super Speed Memorization, Super-Fast Drawing and Super Cool Mind Map.

In round 1 of Super Speed Memorization, the teams will be challenged with a series of questions to test their ability to memorize data such as numbers, keywords and images. In turn, 30 numbers, images and keywords will appear in 30 seconds and the task of the children is to remember as much data as possible.

In round 2 Super-Fast Drawing, a team member will describe the given key word by drawing for their team members to guess.

Finally, in the third round called the Super Cool Mind Map, children will draw mind maps and make presentations on any topic.

In each match, contestants will receive comments and evaluations from expert judges and familiar presenters and editors of Vietnam Television in the role of guest judges. Certainly, meeting TV host Diem Quynh, TV host Khanh Vy, presenter Son Lam, "the brown-skinned brother" Viet Hoang will be a memorable memory for the little ones.

Through each round of the competition, children and viewers will gradually become familiar with the skills of memorization and mind mapping in an easy-to-understand manner. At the same time, the young contestants participating in the program will also have the opportunity to meet and get to know their peers from around the country, as well as gain more experience in teamwork and soft skills.

Broadcast in preparation for the new school year, the production team of Vietnam Mind Map Contest 2022 believes that this is an appropriate time for the program to air because 2022 is a special and significant school year that marks the return of students across the country to school after a long time of studying and taking online exams due to the severe effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through the Vietnam 2022 Mind Mapping Contest, the team hopes the program will provide students with a fun playground, effective learning methods and promote creativity.

Sharing about the program, record holder Nguyen Phung Phong, vice president of the Vietnam Memorization Institute said: "Through organizing a televised competition, the methods of teaching and learning with mind maps will spread to millions of students, parents and educators nationwide. A new creative way of learning, without focusing on memorization and learning, will be lighter and more interesting."

A representative of the program's production team, producer Thao Ly, also shared: "Parents should watch the program to learn more about completely new learning methods. Without spending too much time, but learning is still effective, and from there, it is possible to choose appropriate learning methods for children."

The public can watch the exciting and creative matches of the Vietnam 2022 Mind Mapping Contest every Sunday, at 9:30 p.m. on VTV2 channel and at 4:00 p.m. on VTV7 channel, starting August 7, 2022.


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