“Lỡ hẹn với ngày xanh" (Missing the Green Day) to air on VTV1

by Khánh Huyền02 March 2024 Last updated at 19:09 PM

VTV.vn - “Lỡ hẹn với ngày xanh" (Missing the Green Day) tells a story about the friendship and love of young people in the field of architecture. It is scheduled to be broadcast at 9:00 PM from Monday to Friday on VTV1, starting from March 18th.

“Lỡ hẹn với ngày xanh" (Missing the Green Day) is a new project produced by the Television Film Production Center (VTV). The series consists of 40 episodes and is directed by Tran Hoai Son.

The TV movie revolves around young people on the journey to find their "sense of belonging”. It begins when Duyen submits a project to the company of Mr. Thang - Giang's father, for a competition dedicated to young architects. The project to build toilets for children in the highlands. Compared to more grandiose and modern projects, Duyen's "toilet" is small and humble. It was rejected.

Rather than give up after this initial result, Duyen approaches Mr. Thang. Instead of rejecting Duyen's proposal, Mr. Thang's company decides to invest in Duyen's project f in order to befriend the local government of Cao Son district. Duyen joins the firm and works under the supervision of Hiep and Giang. From here, they experience clashes and harmonies in architectural perspectives, making different choices to realize their dreams and goals. The complications in their relationships gradually grow as the romantic dynamic between the young architects Duyen, Hiep, and Giang unfolds.

In the series “Lỡ hẹn với ngày xanh" , Duyen represents a group of young architects without established connections or support. Giang, on the other hand, belongs to the category of a "privileged heir”who grew up with a predetermined path. Meanwhile, Hiep has his own architectural aspirations but gets drawn into the competition for large projects to build his reputation.

The film also deals with an issue of the younger generation, which is the desire to establish their own values and contribute to society. Each person has their own path, with right and wrong choices, but through this, viewers can see the beautiful image of today's youth - a generation that dares to think, dares to act, and takes responsibility for the community. Alongside the professional, family, love, and friendship stories,.. “Lỡ hẹn với ngày xanh" portrays various emotions for the audience.

“Lỡ hẹn với ngày xanh" marks the return of director Tran Hoai Son after many years. His dedication and professionalism are reflected through a talented cast, including established actors such as Huynh Anh, Minh Thu, as well as newcomers to VTV's productions such as Xuan Anh (Le Bong), Thanh Tuan. The film also features the participation of beloved seasoned actors such as Trinh Mai Nguyen and Quach Thu Phuong.

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