Little Valedictorian Season 2 Officially Begins

by Hồng Quân07 June 2022 Last updated at 08:00 AM

VTV.vn - When students from all over the country take the summer break, it's also the time when Little Valedictorian Season 2 returns.

Neither the stress of school, nor the pressure of exams, Little Valedictorian is a place where young people have the opportunity to show their ability to observe interesting things about life around them; freely show their strength, talent and share their dreams.

This is also the first season Little Valedictorian reaches students in Nghe An and Can Tho, two places representing the sunny and windy central region and the rich and dynamic southwest of Vietnam.

Each broadcast will feature 50 students from grades 2 to 4 from a school that has gone through contestants will go through 3 competitions together: Thi Huong, Thi Hoi, Thi Dinh and a subtest, Vo Trang Nguyen.

Two new types of questions will be introduced in this year's contest:

- Tricky question: to help candidates show logical thinking, insight when receiving information

- Questions in the form of folk songs, idioms and proverbs (through pictures) to help children discover the treasure trove of folk songs, proverbs and idioms of our ancestors. Thus, they will know how to apply traditional experiences and lessons in daily life.

In particular, in the Dinh exam, students will need to express their views and ideas about a human history in everyday life in order to become Valedictorian. Many touching dreams were shared. The children will express many serious ideas and opinions to surprise both teachers and parents.

This year, in each episode of Little Valedictorian, there will be an interactive question for the children who are the TV spectators. The audience with the most correct and fortunate answers will receive a gift of VND 500,000 from the sponsor.

The Little Valedictorian program is produced by the Entertainment Program Production Department, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Training.

Program broadcast time: 13:00 every Saturday on VTV3 channel (from June 4, 2022)

Email: trangnguyennhivtv3@gmail.com

Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/Trangnguyennhivtv3/


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