Literature with Fun 2020, a program for those who are passionate about literature on VTV7

by Hồng Quân01 June 2020 Last updated at 11:00 AM

VTV.vn - If you have ever watched Literature with Fun series and want to learn about the literary works taught in high schools then do not hesitate and register to this TV show castings.

Considered to be one of the first TV programs in Vietnam teach literature through games, Literature with Fun has drawn the broad participation of students nationwide.

First aired in 2016 with the version for high school students, Literature with Fun is not only an attractive playground for students, but it is also an extremely useful review material for the audience.

Although it is an academic program, but here, candidates will experience the interesting and suspense atmosphere of "learning and playing" . Through quizzes and games related to literature, students explore the content of literary works.

In 2020, Literature with Fun will return with the new format, promising to be extremely attractive for high school students in which the games will be completely renovated to better suit high school teaching program and bring a fresh breeze to the show. Each episode of the program will have a literary work as the subject, which is part of the current high school literature curriculum.

In the first round, the candidate will try the Quick Memory game, a series of keywords related to the literary work will be displayed continuously to challenge the candidate's ability to remember.

In Round 2 - Viewing Angle, the production crew will adapt a literary work or an excerpt of it to a play. After that, the candidates will be free to express their own views and perspectives about the work.

Finally, in the 3rd round called Deep Memory, the two teams will take turns answering in-depth questions about the work and the author. Certainly, when participating in the program, candidates will not only have interesting experiences with literature, but also memorize knowledge in a vivid and new way.

If you wish to become one of the lucky candidates to experience this exciting version, this is an opportunity for you, because Literary with Fun is officially recruiting players for the program from the end of May.

Requirements for participation

- Currently a student of grades 10-11-12.

- Sign up by group of three from the same school.

- Daring to express personal views.

- Fond of debating and giving argument.

- Desire to experience literature in a new way.

HOW TO REGISTER: Register at the link: https://bitly.com.vn/o8nx3

Registration deadline: Until May 30, 2020


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