"Life and death" - A special film project on anti-corruption is about to be aired on VTV1

by Hồng Quân05 November 2019 Last updated at 07:00 AM

The evil alliances, the corruption of power which led to the loss of confidence among the people on the public servants and also the commitment to bring justice to society ... all will be vividly portrayed in the drama "Life and Death".

"Life and death" explores the story of doing business under the cover of land investment project, in which sensitive and extremely complex networks intertwined. Mai Hong Vu, an agile businessman who pours money in many real estate and mining projects and who is exceptionally clever in setting up connection with many officials, business people and banks bosses…

The most striking and attractive feature of "Life and Death" is probably the fierce fight against corruption of the Inspection Commission, the Procuracy, the police and the press as well as Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Van Thanh Nhan, a Party official who did not hesitate to strongly make disciplinary decisions for corrupted officials to clean up the apparatus.

People's Artist Hoang Dung said he had to put a lot of effort in playing the role of the Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee and it is really one of his most favorite roles. Meanwhile, Viet Anh also said that, portraying a person who is both mischievous and cunning like Hong Vu is really a challenge for him. People's Artist Trong Trinh and Thuy Ha, in the role of the Party’s Secretary and Deputy Secretary have to deal with pressure to handle long speech with many implied meanings and bold political language.

"Life and death" drew the participation of many talented actors and actresses such as Meritorious Artist Do Ky, Ba Anh, Manh Truong, Doan Quoc Dam, Thanh Huong, Chi Nhan, Trong Hung, Quynh Nga, Linh Hue ... The film also marked the return of People's Artist – film director Khai Hung as a director.

The drama "Life and Death" (expected to be 70 episodes) will be aired at 21:00 every Monday to Friday on VTV1, starting from November 4, 2019.


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