Join the challenge of sharing experiences about the new school year, receive many attractive gifts o

by Hồng Quân28 August 2021 Last updated at 07:00 AM

VTV.vn - With the start of an exciting new school year, VTV7 hosted an interesting challenge called "New School Year! I Have Something to Say" on the VTV7 fan page with many attractive awards.

The new school year has arrived for many students, teachers from all over the country. Due to the context of the COVID-19 epidemic and as many localities are under social distancing, students have not been able to enjoy the annual atmosphere of excitement of waiting for the opening ceremony of the academic year.

Online opening ceremony and remote lessons are inevitable to get our lives back to normal soon. Understanding this mentality, recently, the National Education Television channel VTV7 officially launched an interesting challenge on the channel's official fanpage entitled: New School Year! I Have Something to Say!

This is a "challenge" not only for school students, but also for university students, professors and anyone who wants to tell their stories and feelings. To participate in the challenge, the audience only needs to share their wishes and goals for the next school year. The wishes could be earning high academic performance, passing the exam or the meeting friends and teachers.

In addition, messages of love, words that have not been said to teachers, friends, class groups, schools but cannot be shared directly due to the COVID-19 epidemic can also be expressed on the fanpage.

With a desire to help people feel comfortable and have a positive spirit in the new school year, VTV7 hopes that through these exchanges, audiences of all ages will feel inspired and happy, eager to learn, regardless of working or study conditions in any environment.

Taking part in the challenge is very simple. The audience can fill out the forms here: https://bit.ly/ThuthachVTV7 . Organizers will sort out the entries and post them on the VTV7 fan page, then players can share them on their Facebook to ask for support.

Although the challenge has only been launched for a few days, the organizers were surprised by the number of items submitted. There have been nearly 300 enthusiastic, emotional and moody posts, along with stunning commemorative photos and videos sent to the VTV7 fan page. Many impressive articles have immediately gained a lot of support.


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