International media spotlight President Ho Chi Minh

by VNA20 May 2020 Last updated at 19:22 PM

President Ho Chi Minh surrounded by children in 1960. (File photo)
President Ho Chi Minh surrounded by children in 1960. (File photo) - Various media agencies and newspapers in Algeria have praised late President Ho Chi Minh’s morality and thoughts as well as his contributions to Vietnam’s national liberation and reunification, and liberation movements across the world.

Algerian news agency APS has run an article highlighting the former leader’s patriotism and cited a list of the most 100 outstanding people of the 20th century by the US’s The Times in December 1999, on which the Vietnamese President was named in the top 20.

Apart from colonised nations, he also focused on disadvantaged groups around the world, the article said, adding that the President highly valued intellectuals and had a dedicated network from different political trends both at home and abroad.

Elmoudjahid newspaper also published an article on the occasion, saying he was the founder of the Vietnamese revolution and a symbol of the anti-colonialism movement.

The President used his talents, culture and thoughts to serve the struggles of oppressed nations worldwide, it said.

In an article published in Tribune-diplomatique-internationale newspaper, author Larab said President Ho Chi Minh fought against the colonialists and illiteracy and for human rights.

All Algerians remember the President and other Vietnamese heroes like General Vo Nguyen Giap and Vice President Nguyen Thi Binh.

Algerie360 site also ran an article saying President Ho Chi Minh passed down a moral and political sense of responsibility to the Vietnamese people and humankind.

He attached importance to solidarity, equality, friendship, mutual understanding, cooperation and fraternity among nations, it said.

President Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts were built on a firm foundation of revolutionary ethics, Professor and Dr Vladimir Kolotov, head of the Ho Chi Minh Institute at the Saint Petersburg State University, told Vietnam News Agency correspondents in Russia on the occasion of the late President’s 130th birthday.

One of the leading Russian scholars in Vietnamese studies, Kolotov stressed that the President’s ethical values were solid based on the combination of both Western and Eastern philosophy.

President Ho always emphasised the just role of the Vietnamese people in the struggle for national liberation and reunification, he stated.

He highlighted the role and significance of morality and justice amid an unstable world, stressing the need to popularise President Ho’s thoughts, as the more the world relies on ethics, the better it will become.

President Ho Chi Minh, he went on, not only played an important role in Vietnam’s liberation and reunification but was also a renowned revolutionary who wrote books on revolutionary theory and practices in the late 1920s and early 1930s.

Kolotov also affirmed that President Ho always left a good impression on those he met.

Several Indian scholars also shared their opinions on President Ho.

Professor Jayachandra Reddy, head of the Centre for Southeast Asian and Pacific Studies at the Sri Venkateswara University and co-editor of the book “Ho Chi Minh with India”, affirmed that the whole world recognises that Ho Chi Minh is a legendary Vietnamese leader.

He admires President Ho, he explained, because of his leadership and unyielding fighting spirit for national liberation.

Sharing the same opinion, General Secretary of the India-Vietnam Solidarity Committee of West Bengal state Prava Samantaray said she is impressed by President Ho’s characters and lifestyle and has taken part in many seminars, programmes, and lectures on the late Vietnamese leader.

A documentary on President Ho Chi Minh was aired on May 18 on Venezolana de Television (VTV), the state-run television station in Venezuela, to commemorate his 130th birthday (May 19).

“Ho Chi Minh – Chan dung mot con nguoi” (Ho Chi Minh: a Portray of a Man) by Vietnamese director Bui Dinh Hac was broadcast as part of the Latin American country’s activities to introduce the life and revolutionary career of the Vietnamese leader and national hero to its people.

The documentary tells stories about Vietnam’s struggle for national independence and portrays President Ho Chi Minh as a simple and devoted man who had great love for his nation and fought for its independence and freedom to the last breath.

Radio station Radio Nacional de Venezuela (RNV) has also aired a special show, featuring journalist Angel Miguel Bastidas who used to work in Vietnam for years, to talk about the late President and Vietnam’s revolutions in the past and national reconstruction and development today.

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