International evangelical community celebrates Christmas with concert

by PV/VTV05 December 2016 Last updated at 13:48 PM

VTV.vn - The Hanoi International fellowship together with the Hanoi Evangelical Church hosted a Christmas concert at the Vietnam National Music Academy, with the participation of about 700 expatriates in Hanoi on Saturday.

As Christmas draws near, aside from the many decorating activities, the International Evangelical Community of expats living and working in Hanoi have their own way of celebrating the holiday.

True to its theme "The lights of home", the concert began with a performance displaying an array of lights on stage. The program has brought the spirit of Christmas to many expats who live here, some of whom will be celebrating the holiday away from their families.

Lead Pastor Jacob Bloemberg - Hanoi International Fellowship – said: “The lights of home theme comes from our memories of Christmas Eve growing up in our home countries. All the lighting decorations we had in our homes during Christmas, and how we would celebrate the holiday when we were growing up. We held the concert earlier because many foreigners that live in Hanoi return home for Christmas or they go on vacation to other countries”.

The artists who performed in the concert were also members of the church. Some were even professional musicians, with all participants united by the desire to spread the message of love in the community through music.

“It's my second time performing in this Christmas concert. For us, Christmas is much more than just giving gifts and receiving them. For us, Christmas is about giving love”, musician Natan Oliveira from Brazil – said.

This is the third time Hanoi International Fellowship together with the Hanoi Evangelical Church has hosted a Christmas concert. Hanoi International Fellowship is a Christian community of over 500 people, with over 50 nationalities living and working in Hanoi. To celebrate Christmas, Hanoi International Fellowship will have Christmas services every Sunday from now until Christmas Eve.


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