Indispensable dishes consumed during Doan Ngo festival

by VOV26 June 2020 Last updated at 11:00 AM - Sticky rice is a popular dish to try during the Doan Ngo festival in the majority of localities.

With the Doan Ngo festival falling on the fifth day of May in the lunar calendar, the occasion usually kicks off the period of killing insects that harm the crops of farmers, with plenty of Vietnamese families often preparing trays as a way of worshipping their ancestors.

The occasion can be considered similar to an average Tet holiday due to all members of a family enjoying a warm reunion together. It is normal for an entire family to gather to eat sour fruits, sticky wine, and ash cake to eradicate insects, therefore warding off all diseases. (Photo: hoabachhop0109)

Sticky rice is a popular dish to try during the Doan Ngo festival in the majority of localities. (Photo: meek.d)

“Ruou nep”, a type of golden brown and glazed purple fermented rice bathed in rice wine, is an indispensable part of the food consumed on the occasion. (Photo: tung.hoiiiiis)

Ash cakes are included in the worshipping tray. (Photo: _thao.yen_95)

Plenty of people believe that eating ash cakes, fruit, as well as rice wine on this day will help reduce the risk of suffering from illness. (Photo: nguyendtt)

It is also the perfect dish to enjoy during hot weather. (Photo: kimmyphuongphan)

Most people are only familiar with items such as ash cakes, sticky rice, plums, and peaches, but few people know that on the day of killing insects in the central region, lots of people choose to eat duck. (Photo: xaouyn1707)

The Doan Ngo festival falls in the middle of summer when the air is extremely hot with a high temperature. Duck meat helps people remain cool as well as being good for the health of local people. (Photo: trangmappp)

Several different types of fruit such as plums, lychees, and peaches which have a fresh and sour taste are very suitable to enjoy at the Doan Ngo festival. (Photo: banh_tuan)

Plums are a favourite dish that feature on the tray. (Photo: inxinhyeu)

Lychees are preferred across all three Vietnamese regions. (Photo:

Plums and lychees are two kinds of fruit which are most consumed during the Doan Ngo festival. (Photo: louis.wu8x)


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