Illegal use of VTV film images - Serious copyright infringement

by Hồng Quân14 November 2022 Last updated at 12:00 PM

VTV.vn - The social networking site "VTV Cinematic Universe" uses images of VFC movies and actors without approval or permission, affecting the reputation of VFC and VTV.

Recently, "VTV Cinematic Universe" page appeared on the social network which includes many nominations for actors or dramas produced by Vietnam Television without approval or permission.

Until now, director Khai Anh has not stopped being confused and angry when a VTV-branded award suddenly appeared on social media. In it, there are many films such as Thuong on a Sunny Day, Underground Storm and a series of pictures of renowned actors in the nomination categories.

Director Nguyen Khai Anh, deputy director of the Vietnam Television Drama Center, shared, "Any award, big or small, has to send a notice or invitation with two contents. One can use the actor's pictures, or the name of VTV, or VFC. Second, in it they must also show us the size and scope of the award and must have the consent of VTV and VFC. Information, images, awards without the consent of VTV, VFC is a very serious act of copyright infringement."

Also, according to director Khai Anh, VFC actors such as Thanh Son, Hong Diem and Dinh Tu were completely unaware of this award. Arbitrary use of images of people or film works without the owner's permission is a copyright infringement.

Lawyer Ha Thi Kim Lien, branch manager of Phan Law Vietnam Law Office in Hanoi said, "According to the current law, people have the right to their image, so the fact that a unit, individual, Organizations using images arbitrarily without permission violates the provisions of the Civil Code 2015. At the same time, a work is protected under the provisions of 14 Intellectual Property Laws, according to which arranging a collage, using a video in a film clip or using it in a cinematographic work is also a copyright infringement. Therefore, it is entirely understandable that the owner may wish to bring the case to the court."

"This will make it very difficult for us in organizing future awards, affecting the actor's psychology, the audience's psychology, the viewer's psychology when they are confused about what the award is", director Khai Anh added.

We do not know for what purpose, but all postings on the "VTV Movie Universe" page refer to another website and this may have many potential risks, such as obtaining user information or doing illegal business.


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