IELTS FACE-OFF reveals interesting surprises in season 5

by Hồng Quân03 June 2020 Last updated at 11:00 AM

VTV.vn - The first and only talkshow on IELTS on VTV7 - IELTS FACE-OFF (IFO) is about to return this summer. According to the production crew, Season 5 will be full of surprises.

Throughout the 4 years of broadcast, the audience usually looked forward to the program every back-to-school season, however, in its 5th year, IFO will have a little change - airing on the first day of summer. This is considered the first exciting and new surprise that the show brings to its audience.

After experiencing a very long "Tet holiday" (school break) due to the pandemic Covid-19, the young production crew are full of eagerness and enthusiasm for a really exciting summer which is nearing. All the information of Season 5 has been kept secret a month before the airing to give the audience of the show both surprise and eagernessn.

The IFO's hosts are very difficult to be replaced not only because of their talent and charm but also their passion for the show and how they connect with each other. Over the 4 seasons, names like Phoebe Tran, Dang Tran Tung, Michael Luu, Thao Tam and Khanh Vy have always been affectionately admired by the audience.

In season 5, the program brings an interesting surprise when there is a change in the main host role at the studio. Besides the indispensable face, Phoebe Tran, this season also sees the return of Michael Luu from Australia and more especially the appearance of a factor that promises to be entertaining for the program, Dang Tran Tung. Tung is a familiar face with IFO such as hosting the IELTS On The Go show or a super humorous teacher who is extremely dedicated in the Musketeer show of IELTS FACE-OFF. However, this year, with the theme Dare to Do, the producer of the show has assigned a new task for Tung when he and Phoebe will be interviewing guests.

And along with the IELTS ON THE GO show which features trips throughout Vietnam, Season 5 also welcomes a brand new factor which is the youngest host of the program: Thien Khiem. Together with Nguyen Lam Thao Tam, the two will take turns exploring the Central Highlands, Central Coast and Mekong Delta in the IELTS ON THE GO journey.

IFO new season brings a diverse catalogue of guests from many different backgrounds. The first episode of the program will feature Miss World Vietnam 2019, Luong Thuy Linh. Through photos and short video clips, English proficiency of Luong Thuy Linh will be revealed to the audience.

Season 5 officially airs at 4pm from June 6 and 22:00 on the same day on Youtube channel IELTS FACE-OFF.


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