How to vote for the most favorite contestant Sao Mai 2022

by Hồng Quân10 September 2022 Last updated at 00:00 AM - This is an award for the Sao Mai 2022 contestant in the National Final Round with the highest vote by the audience on the VTVGo app and by the Journalists' Council.

The Sao Mai 2022 National Final Round will officially start tomorrow (September 11) with the first live show in Hai Phong. And today (September 10), the Sao Mai Organizing Committee also officially announced an award that promises to receive a lot of attention: the Sao Mai 2022 Most Favorite Contestant Award.

Voting for this award will officially begin at 8 am on September 11 on Vietnam Television's VTVGo app. This is an award for the candidates of the Sao Mai 2022 Award - National Final Round with the highest total vote by the audience on the VTVGo app and the Council of Journalists. And for the convenience of audience voting, VTV News will present the rules and voting methods for this award.

HOW TO VOTE: After installing the VTVgo app, the audience will vote for their favorite contestant through the Sao Mai 2022 voting system in this app in 2 ways:

+ Method 1: Hit the heart icon.

Viewers must properly log in to the VTVGo app (through a Facebook or Gmail account). Each login account can only click the heart icon once during the voting program.

+ Method 2: Watch the clip of the candidate you want to vote for.

Viewers do not need to log in to the VTVGo application. There is no limit to the number of times viewing.

- Operating time of the voting portal in the VTVgo application:

+ Open: 08h00 on 9/11/2022.

+ Closing: 08h00 on 10/04/2022.

+ Closing: 08h00 on 10/04/2022.

How to calculate points in the VTVGo application

- When the voting portal is closed in VTVGo, the score of a contestant is the score converted from the number of hearts and the number of views of the contestant's clips.

- Conversion rate: 1 heart = 5 points, 1 view = 1 point

- Total votes = hearts * 5 + views

Voting of the journalists

The Council of Journalists consists of renowned journalists in the field of culture and entertainment in Vietnam, carefully selected by the Organizing Committee and invited to vote for the favorite candidates based on the clips of the contest.

How to calculate the voting score of the Press Council:

The journalists' council will receive a list of 18 contestants for the Sao Mai Award 2022 in the National Final Round and 18 clips from the contestants. Each journalist has 3 votes and must vote for at least 1 candidate.

October 3: The Organizing Committee will collect the results of the voting from the Council of Journalists.

How to calculate a candidate's total score

On October 4, 2022, after the Sao Mai 2022 voting portal closes on the VTVGo app, the organizers will calculate each candidate's total score. The contestant with the highest total score is the most favorite contestant.

- Total score of 1 contestant = vote by the audience * 70% + score awarded by the Press Council * 30%.

- How to calculate the conversion points:

=> How to convert points from the audience vote? The candidate with the lowest score will have one point. The score increases according to the position on an increasing scale. The highest score will be 18.

=> How to convert the score of the Council of Journalists? The candidate who received the lowest number of votes from the Council of Journalists has a score of 1. The maximum number of points from the Council of Journalists will be 18.

- In the event that 2 candidates have the same total score and the highest score, the Press Council will vote to decide which contestant wins the Most Favorite Contestant award. If the voting result is still a tie, the contestant with the highest score voted by the audience on the VTVGo application will win the Most Favorite Contestant award. In special cases, the organizing committee will have the right to make the final decision.

Information about Sao Mai 2022 will be updated on VTV News, Sao Mai's own website - and on the social media platforms Facebook, Tiktok and the Sao Mai program's Youtube channel.

1. Facebook: Sao Mai VTV (you can click here)

2. Tiktok: saomaivtv (you can click here)

3. Youtuber Channel: Sao Mai VTV (click here)


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