How has the VTV news program changed in the last 50 years?

by Hồng Quân21 August 2020 Last updated at 13:00 PM

VTV.vn - As Vietnam Television's first pilot broadcast and increasingly prestigious program for the past 50 years, VTV news program production after half a century has made great strides.

Born when Vietnam was still divided, the News program from the beginning had the mission of punctually reporting the situation on the battlefields and later, the socialist construction after the reunification of the country.

Faced with many challenges, both in equipment and in working conditions, but with a spirit of self-improvement and relentless creativity, the newscast has conquered the audience with the quality of each bulletin. The first critical and investigative reports also made a big splash.

Along with the country's progress, since the 90s, the News Department has changed markedly. With investment in infrastructure and equipment upgrade, increase in human resource, more bulletins have been produced as well as more programs to meet the thirst for information of the people. During this period, the News and Current Affairs Department was honored to receive the First-Class Labor Medal for the tireless efforts of the whole staff.

Mr. Vu Van Hien, former General Director of Vietnam Television said: "Those were very memorable years. We, at that time, made selfless effort amid difficult living conditions. We always stood firm in the ideological front and overcame all difficulties to ensure the broadcast timeliness ".

In recent years, the news programs have made a leap in both quantity and quality. With nationwide and international network of bureaus, modern equipment and technology and increasingly professional personnel, the news bulletin has become a favorite program for television audiences.

In important national or international events, the Department of News and Current Affairs always affirms its position and prestige. The Asia-Pacific Television and Broadcasting Association (ABU) award for the best breaking news is a recognition of the Department's efforts.

Journalist Do Duc Hoang, acting head of the department, said: "With the development of society, more and more media have emerged, creating great competitive pressure on television journalists in general and the Department of News and Current Affairs in particular, however, on the solid and respectable foundation built by many generations of journalists, subsequent generations like us are well positioned in this competition. That momentum plus the efforts of every reporter, every person in the Department News and Current Affairs continues to create prestige and attraction for our programs in today's information age."

With 50 years reporting on the development of society, VTV news programs are always the trusted source of information for the audience. The pride it has earned over the last half century is due to its preserved values, the passionate and increasingly professional staff, and the millions of viewers who are always watching news programs every day.

"The important thing to maintain the prestige of the news and the trust from both leaders and the people is the team building. The team should consist of reporters who are firm on political ideology, fear no hardships and difficulties and with love for the job, and responsibility to the country and to the people "- Mr. Vu Van Hien, former General Director of Vietnam Television, said.

Journalist Ho Quang Loi, Vice president of the Vietnam Journalists Association, said: "In the age of digital media, the press should never be in a race with social media in terms of speedy news delivery. Instead, mainstream media should prevail social networks in standards, professional ethics and sense of responsibility of journalists. In some way, the news and television shows Vietnam Television have achieved it. "

"Where the audience is, there is the news" - this is not only the requirement, but also the desire of journalists who always aim for the best news standards.


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