"Handling Home Finances": The Financial Education Show Airs On VTV1 May 7

by Hồng Quân06 May 2021 Last updated at 16:00 PM

VTV.vn - "Handling Home Finances" is a new financial education program jointly conducted by the Communications Department of the State Bank of Vietnam and VTV7 - Vietnam Television.

On the morning of May 6, 2021, a press conference was held at Vietnam Television to present a new financial education program called "Handling Home Finances". The press conference was attended by Mr. Nguyen Kim Anh - Deputy Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Hien - Deputy Director General of Television of Vietnam and media agencies.

Ms. Le Thi Thuy Sen - Director of the State Bank's Communications Department said that in addition to building a legal framework, improving financial infrastructure, digital technology application, financial education plays a very important role among the tasks of the State Bank.

Therefore, the launch of the "Handling Home Finances" program is aimed at supporting financial education and communication for people. However, there are four difficult things for financial education and communication activities which are "difficult to absorb - difficult to remember - difficult to apply - difficult to disseminate".

This is due to the characteristics of information about financial and banking products and services that is often academic, as well as the limitation of the traditional form of communication that often lacks interaction and dissemination.

To solve the above difficulties, the State Bank of Vietnam applies the "Four Easy" solution, which includes: "easy to understand - easy to remember - easy to do - easy to spread", to make the message easier to grasp and apply in practice as well as be spreaded in the community.

Ms. Nhat Hoa - Director of the VTV7 Educational Program Production Center- said the "Handling Home Finances" program will guide the public on how to use banking and financial products, especially online payments; how to make bank deposit, borrow from bank and in this way improves people's accessibility to official sources of capital, curb black credit and avoid risks during financial transactions.

With its innovative way of communication, using information visualization through telling stories, "Handling Home Finances" will be a vivid, engaging and at the same time simple and easy to understand program, making it more receptive to the general public." In particular, each issue of "Handling Home Finances" will convey life lessons about love, gratitude to parents, love of the family, appreciation of human values using proverbs and idioms.

According to Mr. Nguyen Kim Anh - Deputy Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam, in the next time, the State Bank of Vietnam will continue to study new and modern forms and trends of communication and coordinate with other agencies, related functional units and the press to deploy various financial education programs through media channels and social networks.

The program targets groups such as people from rural and remote areas, low-income people, women, young people, children, small and medium-sized enterprises, micro-enterprises , in order to actively contribute to helping all citizens and businesses access and use financial products and services in a convenient manner, tailored to their needs, and at a reasonable cost as well as provided in a responsible and sustainable manner.

The program "Handling Home Finances" duration is approximately five minutes and airs at 20:55 every Friday on VTV1, starting May 7, 2021.


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