Hackers stole millions from Russian banks

by VTV414 February 2018 Last updated at 17:31 PM

Comments0 - Hackers stole more than 1 billion Rubles (17 million USD) from Russian banks using the Cobalt Strike security-testing tool in 2017, a central bank official has revealed.

Central bank Deputy Governor Dmitry Skobelkin told an information security conference in the Russian city of Magnitogorsk that 21 "waves of attacks" using Cobalt Strike had been recorded in 2017

Cobalt Strike is a security tool used to test the strength of an organization's cyber defenses, but it has also been used by hackers to attack banks in Russia and Europe. A group known as Cobalt because of their use of the tool attacked cash machines in more than a dozen countries in 2016, using the malicious software to force the ATMs to spit out cash.