Great encouragement given to frontline medical forces in COVID-19 fight

by NDO02 October 2021 Last updated at 16:00 PM

Great encouragement has been given to frontline medical forces in COVID-19 fight. (Photo: NDO)
Great encouragement has been given to frontline medical forces in COVID-19 fight. (Photo: NDO) - In the fierce fight against COVID-19, the enthusiasm of medical workers at pandemic hot spots as well as their willingness to face hardships, disadvantages, sacrifice themselves have been recognized by people with deep admiration and gratitude

In order to promptly encourage and share with medical workers on the front line against COVID-19, various meaningful activities have been carried out by indivduals, agencies and organisations at all levels nationwide to give both material and spiritual donations for the frontline medical forces, especially their children.

According to preliminary statistics from the Vietnam National Union of Health Workers, over 15,000 trade union members and workers in the health sector from the northern and central regions are assisting the southern provinces and cities in their fight against the pandemic. They are facing many difficulties, hardships and dangers; meanwhile, their children are taken care of by their relatives.

During the recent Mid-Autumn Festival, the Vietnam National Union of Health Workers presented gifts to over 7,200 children whose parents are medical workers on the front line against COVID-19 pandemic. The gifts bear a great spiritual encouragement.

In addition, authorities in many provinces and cities, along with agencies and organisations have recently visited, encouraged and presented gifts to families of medical staff working in pandemic-hit localities. Thereby, families living in difficult circumstances and children in need of equipment for online learning have received practical support. During the occasions of Children’s Day, Mid-Autumn Festival and the opening of new academic year, the gifts conveyed the gratitude from the whole community.

For example, during the fourth outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, Hanoi has sent many delegations of medical staff to the pandemic-hit localities. Understanding the hardships and sacrifices of female health workers, Hanoi municipal Women’s Union has called for its member organisations to give prompt encouragement and donations to female medical workers participating in the fight against the pandemic as well as their families and children.

In the community, many meaningful activities have been launched and conducted effectively by various organisations and individuals. Notably, the community-based project “Learning with child warriors”, which aims to support teaching of children of the frontline forces, has attracted nearly 2,000 volunteers to register as tutors. Thanks to that, their children can confidently perform their duties. Via social networks, many charity programmes such as the donation of computers, books, scholarships and gifts to children of medical workers, have received the enthusiastic responses from people.

It is difficult to make up for difficulties and disadvantages that children whose parents are health workers are on duty away from home for months. However, the great attention from agencies at all levels and the whole society has had practical significances and recognition for the contributions made by medical workers, helping them alleviate their worries and better fulfill their assigned tasks.


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