Gala Thanks for Life 2020: Thanks for the changes

by Hồng Quân24 December 2020 Last updated at 06:00 AM

VTV.vn - With fresh ideas, the new story of Gala Thanks for Life 2020 promises to bring audiences deep emotions.

With the theme Thanks for the Changes, the Thanks for Life 2020 production team is currently traveling to many parts of the country to shoot meaningful stories, which have a great impact on the community.

To convey the message Thanks for the Changes, the team selected positive life-changing stories which are humane and inspirational to tell the audience.

Changes for being stronger, for overcoming obstacles, for being more resilient are the main message of Thanks for Life 2020.

In preparation for the live broadcast, the product teams have gone to many locations around the country to collect materials such as the trip to Tra Leng, Nam Tra My district in Quang Nam province.

The treacherous terrain plus unfavorable weather made it difficult for the crew to move around so they had to change vehicles several times to get to the filming location.

The stories recorded in Tra Leng promise to touch the emotions of the audience on the Thank for Life 2020 program.

In addition, the Thank for Life stage's design theme is the image of growing shoots and green forests. Between the reports, there are the upbeat and inspiring songs of popular-loved singers like Doan Trang, Phuong Linh, among others.

With the message of "Do not be afraid of changes", the program wants to send the audience a positive energy, encouraging them to believe in good changes.

"The program has found many silent people who dedicated to changing themselves, overcome adversity for better. The program is a t source of motivation for people to join hands and improve life in the years to come," said journalist Nguyen Duc Hoa from the production team.

Gala Thank for Life 2020 will be broadcast live at 8:10 p.m. on Sunday, December 27 on the VTV1 channel.


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