Fresh cold wave to send Hanoi temperatures below 20C

by NDO06 December 2018 Last updated at 11:09 AM

Fresh cold wave to send Hanoi temperatures below 20C
The temperatures in Hanoi are forecast to drop to 14-17C. - A new cold spell is forecast to hit Vietnam’s northern region in the next two days, sending the mercury to below 20C, the lowest temperature since the start of winter.

North-eastern provinces will be the first affected on the late afternoon and evening of December 6, extending to other provinces in the northern region and the north-central region the following day.

The lowest temperatures in the northern and north-central region ranged between 14-17C while in the mountainous areas, the temperatures could drop to as low as 11-13C.

In the capital of Hanoi, the lowest temperatures are forecast at 15-18C.

Due to the impact of the cold wave, there will be scattered showers and thunderstorms across the region, while the sky will stay overcast.

The cold wave is forecast to be strengthened on December 9-10 and extend into next week.