Flower trading floor to be launched

by 07 January 2016 Last updated at 13:33 PM

VTV.vn - Farmers can actively look for customers, directly sign contracts and discuss prices with buyers through agricultural trading floors.

Flower growers in Lam Dong Province and nationwide also expect flower trading floors to help connect them with the world market.

This flower garden is about to be harvested for the Lunar New Year period. Previously Vũ only provided flowers to just a few familiar customers. Therefore he had to change the varieties he grew every year to follow their trends.

"Farmers like me just follow people’s trends and have no specific plan. I have to change the species of flowers we grow every year. And most farmers like me don’t work with businesses", said Nguyen Ba Hoang Vu, Thai Phien Flower grower, Dalat city.

The weak connection between farmers like Vũ and big firms has had a negative impact on Dalat’s flower growing capacity. In 2015, only 10% of Dalat’s flowers were exported, earning around 26 million US dollars. However, even the small numbers ofVietnamese flowers have done quite well in Japan, China and some other major markets in South East Asia. According to experts in flower industry, the supply chain including florists, businesses and consumers will be more effective if there is more clarity over demand on electric trading floors.

"A trading floor should be updated regularly with transparent information about markets. At the same time, it should also create a link between farmers and distributors", said Phan Huy Thong, Director, National Centre for Agricultural Extension.

"When selling flowers on trading floors, you must ensure you consistently meet your quality targets. This requirement will force farmers and businesses to actively improve storage processes to protect their brands in both the domestic and global market", said Ryoji Kato, OTA Floriculture Auction Co Ltd.

While flower trading floor is being discussed and implemented, farmers and distributors are also working hard to expand markets for their products.

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