Flights to operate on time

by VTV414 February 2018 Last updated at 17:49 PM

Flights to operate on time
Tan Son Nhat Airport (Photo: NDO) - The Civil aviation authority requires airline operators to manage their flights in order to depart on time. This is following their latest investigation at Tan Son Nhat airport on the 28th day of the 12th Lunar month (Tuesday).

In case of a delay, representatives of the airliners must provide timely information to the passengers so that they can have time to do pre-flight checks and check-in online to reduce check-in pressure at airports.

Over the past days, the number of passengers at Tan Son Nhat airport has been increasing dramatically, especially around 4 - 5pm. Last Sunday, the airport welcomed nearly 125,000 visitors onboard 827 flights, a record number compared to last year.