First Morning 2023: Bringing a "Warm Dawn" to every home

by Hồng Quân30 December 2022 Last updated at 09:00 AM

VTV.vn - On the first day of the new year 2023 (January 1, 2023), "First Morning" will tell the audience warm and hopeful stories.

Broadcast on the first day of the new year, "First Morning" is a special program produced by the News Department - Vietnam Television. Wishing to bring positive energy to the start of the new year, the First Morning team chooses a different theme and focus each year. In the upcoming 2023, the program chooses the theme "Warm Dawn" to tell the national audience inspiring stories about creative spirit, efforts and ideas to overcome difficulties in any circumstances.

In The First Morning 2023, two editors, Xuan Hao and Hoai Luong, continue to take on the role of presenters, connecting the audience with stories and lands of many initiatives, ideas and efforts to overcome difficulties, recover and develop after the pandemic. In addition to the stories, there are also talks with experts on a number of initiatives that contribute to the country's development in all fields.

Building on the story of the efforts of the people of Ninh Thuan to restore the ancient traditional pottery village, The First Morning of 2023 – Warm Dawn, in turn, tells the audience stories about the efforts and overcoming by people across the country of the difficulties posed by pandemic with many admirable initiatives. It is the project of a happy school and audio library for children in the highlands of Yen Bai, an idea to help more than 1,800 households in Son La stabilize their economy by making tea from dried coffee skins, an initiative to support the elderly in the aftermath of the pandemic, the eagerness of young people to improve agriculture or the initial success in applying technology to management and administration in the city of Thu Duc.

Journalist Tran Ngoc Bich, responsible for producing The First Morning of 2023, shared, "People still say you can only see good sailors in a storm. When we made this program, we saw them somewhere. Everywhere in the country, people have made a lot of efforts, a lot of will, a lot of courage, and a lot of innovative ideas to overcome the historical difficulties of the pandemic. We are really surprised by ideas and management initiatives that bring a lot of benefits to the community, or technologies that countries in the region and around the world are experimenting with. They are very admirable!"

The idea was inspired by a warm and hopeful first morning, for which the program uses the image of the sunrise, the most beautiful scene of the day. Through that, the program wants to imply the light of new ideas and initiatives, opening many opportunities and hopes. "Warm dawn is the idea of a first morning, the first moments of a new year. We want to tell the audience stories of optimism, of faith, of hope. Hope in the first days of the year" - shared journalist Tran Ngoc Bich.

2022 is a year of initiatives, ideas, efforts, solidarity and support to overcome difficulties, recover and develop. That spirit will continue in 2023 in many areas of the country. That is the positive message that The First Morning 2023 - Warm Dawn wants to send to the audience to start a new year with new hopes and new achievements.

The First Morning of 2023 - Warm Dawn airs at 6:30 am on January 1, 2023 on VTV1. Please pay stay tuned!


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