First images of the 2020 Singing Voices revealed

by Hồng Quân20 October 2019 Last updated at 19:00 PM

VTV.vn - Singing Voices- a youthful and vibrant school music program usually aired in the new year has already received a lot of attention from the audience.

After the success from the previous season, Singing Voices has step by step asserted its reputation, becoming a desirable program of VTV in the New Year. The auditions for Singing Voices 2020 started last June.

Right from the first auditions, the program has attracted a lot of young people from many provinces and cities who want to try their abilities in the following categories: singing, dancing and acting. After months of rehearsal, the Singing Voices 2020 was shot with many impressive performances. Although being non-professional artists, the performers are confident and dedicate themselves "wholeheartedly" to rehearse.

The director of the concert Singing Voices 2020, Ninh Quang Truong, revealed that such talented performers are fruits of half a year of hard work so that for these young people to be able to demonstrate their impressive artistic aptitudes. Besides, this is a special program, broadcast only once on New Year's Eve, not a multi-episode show, so it requires more thorough preparation and does not allow mistakes.

"The biggest challenge comes from the original idea: The Singing Voices is a school music and artistic program, so all the actors and actresses are students aged 14 and over. They all go to school and are not professional artists, most of them perform for the first time on state. The show selected them to perform only once, "director Ninh Quang Truong said. "Because all students are students, they have to go to school and are only able to dedicate some free time on weekends or at nights to rehearse, so time is extremely constrained and here is also a great challenge for the production crew. "

The Singing Voices 2020 Concert is expected to be broadcast on December 31 on VTV7.


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