Female candidates receive election campaigning training

by VTV411 May 2016 Last updated at 09:22 AM

VTV.vn - Over 30 female candidates from 10 mountainous provinces standing for the National Assembly in the approaching general election are on a training course held for the first time in Hanoi.

The course learning materials have been specially designed by the United Nations Development Programme, UNDP, to provide knowledge and skills for prospective parliamentary candidates.

Discussions are being held with over 30 female candidates from different ethnic groups. Some of are fresh graduates, while others are veteran members of the Women’s Union. Most of them have their own concerns they would like to stress as the NA election nears.

According to UN representatives, helping bolster confidence is the first and foremost goal of the course.

The Ready for Success course has inspired the female  candidates, especially those from different ethnic groups.

"Women used to be satisfied with just doing housework. However, I think the courses will make them realise that they can also be politicians, helping improve their confidence and their organisational skills." - Hua Thi Ha, San Diu Ethnic Group, Tuyen Quang Province.

The three-day course equips female candidates with an overview of the NA, the Law on Organisation of the NA and women’s role in politics. Candidates also learned how to make appealing speeches and action plans.

"The instructors provided us with useful information in an easy to understand way. We’re now equipped with skills for the coming election." - Nguyen Thi Hue, Tay Ethnic Group, Bac Kan Province.

"Before, I didn’t know much about the deputies and activities of the National Assembly, as well as action plans to present at meetings with voters. But I have acquired such knowledge after joining the course. Now I’m confident before the electors." - Trieu Thanh Dung, Nung Ethnic Group, Cao Bang Province.

The courses have helped female candidates build their own action plans to present to the voters, from which they gain confidence in the coming election.


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