Explore Japan through the TV channel Wakuwaku Japan on VTVcab

by Hồng Quân14 December 2018 Last updated at 00:00 AM

Explore Japan through the TV channel Wakuwaku Japan on VTVcab - From January 2019, Wakuwaku Japan, a Japanese television channel, will be broadcast with 100% of its content subtitled in Vietnamese on VTVcab system.

Wakuwaku Japan is a television channel that broadcasts round the clock programs in the Japanese language. Wakuwaku Japan broadcasts feature films, reality TV programs, culinary programs to give a comprehensive depiction of today's Japan.

"I'm sure many Vietnamese TV viewers know about of Japan's TV series Oshin , but there are lots of interesting shows besides this one. And the Vietnamese audience could enjoy those interesting programs through our channel", said Masafumi Kawanishi - General Director of TV channel Wakuwaku of Japan.

From January 1, 2019 on, all programs on the channel Wakuwaku Japan will be broadcast with 100% Vietnamese subtitles, the first one of the kind to be completely understood by Vietnamese audience.  The  channel will also be broadcasted on two mobile applications, Onme and VieOn.

Currently Wakuwaku Japan is being broadcast in 7 countries and territories. But Vietnam is the first and only country so far to   broadcast the channel on mobile networks.

General Director of Vietnam Television Tran Binh Minh said: "The signing ceremony between VTVcab and the Wakuwaku Japan channel is a very significant event on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the establishment of relations between Vietnam and Japan.

In cooperation with VTVcab, one of the two largest pay TV companies in Vietnam, the programs of Wakuwaku Japan will have an opportunity to reach out to the viewers, he added.