Exhibition connects Hanoi and Paris

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One picture in exhibition
One picture in exhibition

VTV.vn - An exhibition entitled A small Paris in Hanoi, took place in Hanoi on Tuesday. July 23.

Through a series of photos, German based photographer, Matthias Meyer, has married the spirit of Paris and Hanoi based on a combination of negative space, colour, and contrast. The images emphasise the architectural heritage and the nostalgic relationship between the two countries. Let’s take a closer look

Beer corner in Hanoi and street corner in Paris. People taste ice-tea near the river of Seine in Paris. Hanoi old quarter’s cyclo works on a route in Paris.

Despite differences in space and culture between the two countries, German based photographer, Matthias Meyer has applied photographic techniques to discover and present the secret parts and the coexistence of Hanoi and Paris in a special way: the double exposure.

Matthias Meyer, German Photographer said: "I have lived in France for a few years. When moving to Vietnam, Hanoi sometimes reminds me of Paris buildings or the way French people have a cup of coffee before breakfast. Its beauty doesn’t stem from the Western lifestyle, but from the old buildings themselves. That’s why I want to initiate this project."

As Hanoi is developing, less space with traces of French architecture remains. It is quite a feat for an artist to tread every corner of Hanoi, finding the last of the city’s European touch to assemble them together without using the modern software. Only few of the 500 pictures taken were chosen to exhibit. However, these few photos here still give many people inspiration and thoughts.

Doan Thi Phuong Thao, Student, Hanoi University of Pharmacy said: "I am really interested in the creative way photographer captures these landscapes. I cannot distinguish the cityscape views in Hanoi or Paris".

Although double exposures are by no means a new photographic technique, Matthias Meyer has created clever superimpositions implying how strong both cities are related to each other. Through these photos, he wants people to be aware of their role in preserving the country’s cultural values.

Since 2011 Matthias Meyer is using a particular kind of photography to discover and present the secret parts and the coexistence of different cultures in the cityscapes of Hanoi and Paris in a special way: the double exposure.

The exhibition Disorientation – A Small Paris in Hanoi shows the result of this process - 20 pictures that display in clever superimpositions how strong both cities are related to each other. The combination of negative space, color and contrast in the photographs emphasize the architectonical heritage and the nostalgic relation between Paris and Hanoi.

Photographer Matthias Meyer has a very straightforward documentary style and is focused on street photography and photojournalism. Living in Hanoi he is leading a course for photographers from all over the world. In addition to several group exhibitions in different countries, he had two solo exhibitions in Hong Kong (2010 und 2011).


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