Environment is the most dealt with issue in TV report category at 37th National TV Festival

by Hồng Quân11 December 2017 Last updated at 07:00 AM

VTV.vn - The 37th National TV Festival will be held in Sam Son city of Thanh Hoa province between December 13th and 16th.

TV workers nationwide will compete in 9 categories: children programs, documentary, reports, educational programs, talk show, ethnic minority language programs, music shows and TV drama.

So far, the organizing board has received five hundred entries. “The jury board pays attention to the content but the form also matters. The reports with creative expression will get more points”, said Nguyen Ha Nam, head of VTV editorial department and deputy head of the organizing board.

TV Reports is the category with most entries (150). This is the hottest contesting category as the reports deal with a wide range of topics of news and current affairs, of which environment is the most addressed issue.

The TV drama category is classified in three groups: single episode drama (not longer than 105 minutes), mini-series (2 to 5 episodes and 45 minutes of duration) and long serial drama (6 to 60 episodes of 45 minutes each).

The five entries competing in the long serial drama group are The Hidden Name (TFS, 37 episodes), Codename Rocker (HTV, 44 episodes), Mother – in – Law (SCTV, 40 episodes), Living in the Darkness (THVL, 40 episodes) and Evening in the Old Street (VFC, 26 episodes).

The voting for long serial drama started since early November. Nguyen Ha Nam said the few number of TV drama show the depleted capacity of broadcasters and private media businesses. However, the quality of the drama has been rated positively.

Other dramas which have been acclaimed by the audience but are not competing at the festival due to foreign adaptation. The dramas The Jury and Living with Mother – in – Law are not allowed to compete due to this reason.

The National TV Festival is also an opportunity for TV workers nationwide to update the TV production trend and find opportunities for cooperation. Two seminars titled Children Program: Education and Entertainment and Tourism Dissemination on TV and a presentation on the development trend of TV and Internet are expected to be held in the framework of the festival.

Also a photo exhibition and a charity tour are  to be held. VTV’s Vietnamese Heart Fund will present 3000 jackets to poor pupils in the mountainous district of Thach Thanh of Thanh Hoa province and 100 scholarships to children in the flood stricken areas.

The festival will open on December 13th at FLC convention center in Sam Son city. The opening ceremony will be broadcast live on VTV1. The closing ceremony and award presentation will be held on December 16th and will be taped for broadcasting on the following day.


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