Ensuring safety for students after returning to school

by NDO16 September 2021 Last updated at 14:59 PM

Ensuring the safety of students after returning to school.
Ensuring the safety of students after returning to school.

VTV.vn - The Hanoi Department of Education and Training has just issued Official Letter No. 3252/SGDĐT-CTTT on ensuring school security and safety, preventing and combating the risk of accidents, injuries and trauma in 2021-2020.

Accordingly, the Hanoi Department of Education and Training requires its affiliated units; departments of education and training of districts, towns; vocational training schools and centres for continuing education to actively develop plans for COVID-19 prevention and control under the instructions in Official Letter No. 6666/BYT-MT, dated August 16/ 2021 of the Ministry of Health, before welcoming students back to school when the epidemic outbreaks are controlled.

It is necessary to continue to coordinate with local health authorities to organise vaccination against Covid-19 for all officials, teachers and employees, ensuring that 100% of them receive at least 1 injection. It is necessary to continue to strictly implement the health ministry's 5K message, and regularly making medical declarations by QR code, via Website https://tokhaiyte.vn.

Regarding ensuring school safety during the rainy and stormy seasons, the Department requires schools to review the green tree system on campus and promptly handle perennial trees at risk of breaking or falling; inspect facilities to promptly detect safety risks and take remedial measures to prevent accidents and injuries in schools.

Regarding the work of ensuring safety in the process of online learning at home, the Department requires schools to thoroughly equip all teachers participating in online teaching (especially at primary level) to coordinate with parents and give timely support for students' learning at home, increase warnings to parents about monitoring and checking the safety of equipment when letting their children use it; continue to invest in building a shared electronic data warehouse and ensure compliance with professional requirements.

In addition, schools must have regulations on the control and approval of materials such as pictures, photos, wallpapers, clips, which are used by teachers and students themselves, in order to avoid professional errors, and as to ensure compliance with the provisions of law.

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