Double murder in Yen Bai

by P.V19 August 2016 Last updated at 09:33 AM

VTV.vn - Yen Bai’s provincial authorities held a press conference on Thursday to provide official information on the murder of Secretary of the provincial party committee and chairman of the provincial people’s council.

Major General Dang Tran Chieu, Director of the provincial police, confirmed that Pham Duy Cuong, Secretary of the Yen Bai province Party Committee, and Ngo Ngoc Tuan, Chairman of the provincial People’s Council were shot at their offices on Thursday morning with a military issue K59 pistol. The shooter also used this gun to kill himself after the murder. The suspect was equipped with the gun due to regulations under the Ministry of Public Security. The two victims and the shooter were rushed to Yên Bái General Hospital in critical condition. Doctors from the Hanoi-based Bạch Mai Hospital were sent to help with the treatment. But the victims could not be saved and died at 1.05pm the same day.

The murderer was identified to be Do Cuong Minh, Director of the provincial Forest Protection Agency. Eight bullets were found at his house. The shooter also died at 3.20 that afternoon from his wounds.

"The shooter is dead. Therefore he will not be prosecuted, according to Clause 7 Article 107 of Criminal Procedure Code 2003. This is an official information for you to catch up", said Major General Dang Tran Chieu Director of Yen Bai Provincial Police.

The murder took place in early morning of Thursday and there is little evidence of a motive for the crime. However, Yen Bai provincial leaders affirmed that the motive has nothing to do with official management.

"The motive for the crime is surely unrelated to the province's organisation and management of officials, since we have carried out the work strictly and methodically", said Pham Thi Thanh Tra - Chairwoman of Yen Bai Provincial People's Commitee.

The provincial police are collaborating with the Ministry of Public Security to search the home and workplace of the shooter. Further information about the murder will be announced when the investigation is completed.

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