“Định mệnh của tôi” (My Destiny) on VTV3: Interactive Tactics of a Couple 13 Years Apart

by Khánh Huyền19 March 2024 Last updated at 10:03 AM

VTV.vn - Despite their age difference,Wang Churan and Peng Guanying have demonstrated an explosive emotional connection.

The couple's well-matched looks are the first advantage for their harmonious on-screen interaction. While Peng Guanying maintains a relatively consistent appearance throughout the film's timeline, Wang Churan pays more attention to her changes in appearance . As a student, she opted for round glasses and playful curly hair, along with brightly colored outfits to portray the innocence of youth. When she returns from studying abroad, her hairstyle becomes straight, often tied neatly in the back, and she dresses in darker tones with a more mature demeanor. These changes in her appearance help the 1999-born actress gain empathy from the audience.

Wang Churan said that the character Lưu Tranh is her first leading role on television, so she has put a lot of effort into it. In the first phase, the character is portrayed as a weak and insecure girlwho always takes care of her talented husband. In the later part, she tries to show maturity, often concealing her emotions and fearing the aftermath of a failed marriage.

The character Chí Khiêm, portrayed by Peng Guanying, also undergoes personality changes. In the 2012 phase of the film, Chí Khiêm is depicted as someone who is focused solely on work and indifferent to his young wife. However, in the 2019 phase, he makes efforts to pursue his ex-wife upon realizing his true feelings.

The couples attractive looks, strong acting skills, and sweet interactions have made a significant impact on the film (Photo: Weibo)

The couple's attractive looks, strong acting skills, and sweet interactions have made a significant impact on the film (Photo: Weibo)

For Wang Churan, the sweetest scene is when her character, Lưu Tranh, expresses her feelings to Chí Khiêm and the proposal scene after the two attend a party together. She greatly admires the strong personality and courage of the character in pursuing love. Meanwhile, Peng Guanying believes that the scenes where both characters enjoy eating cake and drinking coffee together have left the strongest impression.

The biggest thing the two actors have in common in in real life is their sign of the zodiac, Aquarius, which makes it easy for them to understand each other. In Wang Churan's eyes, her co-star is humorous and playful. Meanwhile, Peng Guanying, who hails from the Northeast region northeast and has heavy accent, is often the target of teasing from his 13-year-younger co-star.

The two actors play neurologists in the film (Photo: Weibo)

The two actors play neurologists in the film (Photo: Weibo)

Although they are cheerful and relaxed friends, they are both very serious about their work, especially in the medical scenes, which require the actors to work together seamlessly. Thanks to their joint efforts for each scene, they have immersed themselves well, creating an explosive effect for the film "My Destiny".

In the film My Destiny, Nguyễn Lưu Tranh (portrayed by Wang Churan) admires her senior colleague Ninh Chí Khiêm (portrayed by Peng Guanying) and seeks every opportunity to marry him. However, after living together for a while, she is surprised to discover that her idol is not perfect. Due to his intense dedication to work, Chí Khiêm is indifferent to those around him, especially his young wife. Their marriage soon ended and they were separated for 7 years. Surprisingly, fate brings them back together after a period of separation. They resolve conflicts and misunderstandings in their work. After a special medical mission to Africa, the couple finally have time to reflect on their lives and feelings.

The film My Destiny airs at 6 PM from Monday to Friday, starting from March 11th on VTV3 channel.

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