Da Nang develops OCOP products

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People and tourists buy OCOP products at Hoa Vang Agricultural Fair in 2022.
People and tourists buy OCOP products at Hoa Vang Agricultural Fair in 2022.

VTV.vn - Focusing on investing, building and promoting the implementation of the One Commune One Product (OCOP) Programme, Da Nang City has given attention to supporting and replicating many agricultural models.

In recent time, Da Nang has promoted agricultural and rural development in the direction of increasing added value and sustainable development, in line with the city's orientation for urban and sustainable agricultural development.

Specific policy for OCOP products

In the 2018-2020 period, the city budget directly supported the OCOP programme with about 2.87 billion VND, with integrated capital from programmes and projects at 3.5 billion VND and counterpart capital at 1.85 billion VND. In 2020, the City People's Council issued Resolution 329/NQ-HDND, dated December 9, 2020, stipulating a number of policies to support agricultural and rural development in Da Nang City. This is the city's specific support policy for agricultural and rural development, including a support policy for OCOP products.

Accordingly, people and businesses participating in the OCOP programme will be supported in terms of funding for hiring consultants to evaluate and certify products according to VietGAP process and equivalent; supporting the development of dossiers, quality announcement and product traceability for OCOP products; providing financial support to build product stories, complete records of participate in the evaluation and rating of OCOP products; supporting the building and upgrading of selling points for key agricultural products, typical products, and OCOP products; supporting investment in building an OCOP centre to encourage trade promotion of OCOP products, key products and characteristics of the city.

Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Phu Ban said that many businesses, cooperatives, production and business establishments in the city have registered to participate in the OCOP programme.

By 2025, Da Nang aims to have more than 100 products meeting OCOP standards. The Department is coordinating with other departments and branches to advise the City People's Committee to continue to have policies to support businesses, cooperatives, production and business establishments participating in the OCOP Programme, especially to support the promotion, introduction and consumption of OCOP products by organising trade promotion activities and putting these products on the e-commerce floor.

The People's Committee of Da Nang City has issued the Plan to implement the strategy of sustainable agricultural and rural development for the 2021-2023 period, with a vision to 2050, with the goal of building an ecological, modern, sustainable agriculture, increasing added value associated with tourism and urban.

Accordingly, the city will maximise the potential and land area planned for agricultural production to develop models and projects of organic and ecological agricultural production, attracting businesses to invest in production associated with building value chains, along with quality management systems, food safety, traceability and development in three key product groups (national level, city level, and local specialty products).

The city will focus on developing key product groups at the city level and local specialties, OCOP products associated with branding, applying digital technology in product management and trade; research and development of aquaculture objects of high economic value, aiming to exploit local specialties and develop OCOP products such as strabismus, climbing fish, scorpion; and granting planting area codes for key, featured and OCOP products.

Building a typical OCOP product brand

According to statistics, Da Nang City has currently evaluated and recognised a total of 40 OCOP products of 36 enterprises, cooperatives and business households, of which 17 products are rated at four stars and 23 products at three stars.

After a long time being affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, functional departments and agencies are implementing many plans to promote, introduce, connect supply and demand and distribute OCOP products while supporting OCOP products to participate in trade promotion programmes and exhibitions inside and outside the city as well as domestic and foreign e-commerce exchanges such as Postmart.vn, voso.vn, Lazada , Tiki, Sendo, and Alibaba.

Branding OCOP products has been implemented in almost all localities in Da Nang city, in which, concentrated in Hoa Vang District and areas adjacent to the central urban area. To date, the whole district has 12 OCOP certified products, of which six products have achieved four-star OCOP certification while six are at the three-star level.

At the Hoa Vang Agriculture Fair 2022, which has just been held, hundreds of stalls of typical agricultural products and OCOP products of Da Nang City participate in the display and serve the people and visitors.

This is also an opportunity for units to promote, introduce, exchange and share experiences in production and consumption of typical products. The event is considered as a place to honour the fruits of farmers' labour, to develop and improve the quality of brand name, at the same time connect "four houses" (government, scientific, company, and farmer) to promote sustainable agricultural production development.

Developing OCOP products is a way to effectively promote human resources and change the mindset of farmers when the land fund does not have much room for development. Products that want to stand firm and have high competitiveness must ensure quality according to standards and bring economic efficiency. That is also the way that the Da Nang City government is making efforts to invest and build the brand name of OCOP products.


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