Cultivating solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between Vietnam and Cuba

by NDO29 September 2022 Last updated at 16:00 PM

General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong (L) meets with First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee Raul Castro Ruz during his official visit to Cuba in March 2018. (Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong (L) meets with First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee Raul Castro Ruz during his official visit to Cuba in March 2018. (Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

VTV.vn - At the invitation of Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh, Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz is paying an official visit to Vietnam from September 28 to October 2.

This is Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz's first trip outside of Latin America since he took office in December 2019 and also the first visit by a Cuban senior leader to Vietnam since 2018.

Despite being half a world apart, the similarities in revolutionary aspirations, ideals and heroic traditions for independence, freedom, sovereignty and self-determination have created a solid foundation for the special friendship and solidarity between Vietnam and Cuba. The two countries established diplomatic relations on December 2, 1960, following the success of the Cuban Revolution. The solidarity, fidelity, trust and comprehensive cooperation between Vietnam and Cuba have been constantly cultivated by President Ho Chi Minh, leader Fidel Castro and generations of leaders and people of the two countries, becoming valuable assets in the cause of protecting and building socialism in both countries.

Cuban leader Fidel Castro’s immortal statement “For Vietnam, we are even willing to give our own blood” has always stayed in the hearts of the Vietnamese people. Vietnamese people always remember the solidarity and special support from leaders and people of Cuba. Despite geographical distance and difficult circumstances, Cuba has always stood by and supported Vietnam in the spirit of a sincere friend and trusted comrade. Cuba has become a leading symbol in the movement of progressive people worldwide uniting and supporting Vietnamin the cause of national reunification and construction. Cuba also played an important role in mobilising countries to support Vietnam to become an official member of the United Nations in 1977.

Vietnam has always attached great importance to the friendship, special solidarity and sincere cooperation with Cuba, considering support to Cuba as a natural obligation that stems from pure international sentiments, the traditional friendship, humanity and the morality of 'when drinking water, remembering its source'. Vietnam accompanied Cuba inovercoming difficulties due to the policy of encirclement and embargo. Many aid and cooperation projects have been implemented such as helping Cuba produce rice and ensure food security as well as sharing experiences in socio-economic development and international integration. Vietnam has always consistently and strongly expressed its stance of supporting Cuba at international forums.

In recent years, the special friendship, solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between the two countries have continued to be consolidated and developed in all fields, from politics and economy to security-defence, agriculture, construction, education, and healthcare. The two nations have also coordinated and supported each other at international forums. The two sides have maintained the exchange of delegations at all levels. The leaders from the two countries have affirmed that they will continue to inherit and strongly promote the tradition of the rare and exemplary relationship between Vietnam and Cuba, bringing their cooperation to a new stage of deep and effective development.

Economic, trade and investment cooperation has been prioritised for development by the two sides. Vietnam is the largest investor from the Asia-Oceania region in Cuba. The Vietnam-Cuba Trade Agreement took effect from April 2020, with many preferential commitments, bringing benefits to businesses of the two countries and facilitating bilateral import and export activities. With the positive changes in Cuba's economic management and investment environment, more and more Vietnamese businesses have become interested in expanding cooperation and investment in the Cuban market.

Being steadfast on the revolutionary path, Cuba continues to implement the policy of updating its socio-economic model. During Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz’s official friendship visit to Vietnam, the leaders from the two countries will have in-depth exchanges of achievements and experiences in the fields of politics, economy, society and foreign affairs. The two sides discussed the acceleration of the implementation of high-level agreements and the enhancement of cooperation in all aspects, especially in step by step developing economic, trade and investment cooperation to a level equal to the trusted political relationship between the two countries.

Welcoming Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz, Vietnam affirms its consistent policy of constantly consolidating and developing the traditional friendship, faithful solidarity and mutual trust between the two Parties and two sides. The statesand peoples of the two countries also affirm the strong support of the Vietnamese Party, State and people for the revolutionary cause of the Cuban Party, State and people. The visit affirms the determination of both countries to continue to cultivate the special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between Vietnam and Cuba.


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