COVID-19 Shield: Special Program on vaccination against COVID-19 in Vietnam.

by Hồng Quân05 March 2021 Last updated at 05:00 AM

VTV.vn - "CoVID-19 Shield": A special program of the News and Current Affairs Department will be broadcast at 20h10, on Saturday, March 6, 2021 on VTV1.

Produced in the context of the arrival of the first batch of AstraZeneca vaccines in Vietnam and in the world, COVID-19 vaccination is also taking place in an unprecedented swift campaign, the "COVID-19 Shield" program will provide an overview of the current situation of COVID-19 vaccination in Vietnam and around the world.

Watching this program, the audience will have a deeper understanding of current hot topics such as: What is the global race like to research, produce and distribute vaccines? Will unequal access to the vaccine reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine?

In addition, the program also answers very basic questions from people about vaccine safety, vaccination plans, how to manage vaccine quality, among others. And yet the public can also explore the ultra-cold storage of 20 degrees below zero, even minus 80 degrees for preserving vaccines imported into Vietnam.

Journalist Ha Thu Hang, Head of Social Affairs Section, News and Current Affairs Department, said of the guiding thread of the program: "The vaccine can be considered as a shield to help people fight the virus and create immunity. Many countries, including Vietnam, are the not-so-abundant economies, but with funding the national budget, are doing everything they could to create such a shield, with the sole aim of protecting people's health, bringing life, economic development and social stability back to normal."

"Many countries, after mass vaccination, have even scheduled a post-COVID-19 era. But can you be completely secured with a shield made of vaccines? The shield against the virus?". The right decisions against the epidemic and especially the ability to self-fight the pandemic, the resistance, the spiritual strength of each person and the nation are also the shield. And in the future, we must find a way to live with COVID -19 and we cannot rely completely on these shields. "

"The audience will meet hosts Mai Ngoc, Thu Ha and Hoang Duong who will bring a lot of interesting information and images. VTV's overseas bureaus, international and national correspondents, decoration and graphic staff are working hard to produce the program. Although it was assigned quite urgently, but it must be a quality program in both content and expression," journalist Thu Hang added.


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