Conquering the National High School Exam 2020 officially aired

by Hồng Quân27 March 2020 Last updated at 17:18 PM

VTV.vn - Conquering National High School Exam 2020 is a TV program which includes 30 episodes with a total of 9 subjects. The program was produced by the Center for Educational Programs, Vietnam Television.

Conquering the National High School Exam 2020 will be broadcast from April 6, 2020 twice a day at 12am and 10pm every day of the week on the educational channel VTV7. Under the program, nine subjects will be taught including Math, Literature, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Citizenship Education in 30 episodes (with duration of 60 minutes per episode).

The program is designed in the way that the lectures are closely related to the exam questions elaborated by the Ministry of Education and Training. At the same time, there are also lectures with contents included in the Competency Assessment Test for students to get acquainted with. At the end of every lecture, there is a summary of content with infographic and mind maps to help students easily systematize and remember.

"Right from the first year of broadcasting the program, VTV7 has received very positive and moving feedback from some students who got good marks thanks to learning via VTV7 channel. Among them, there are students in grade 13 who returned from one-year military service and had done well through watching the program ", journalist Nhat Hoa, Director of Educational Program Center said.

"This year, classes have been interrupted because of the Covid -19 epidemic, so we broadcast the lectures on both TV and Youtube VTV7. At the same time, we will release a set of textbooks with televised lectures so that students can easily review the knowledge through watching clips on Youtube VTV7 channel and acquire knowledge more effectively. "

Conquering the Exam is one of the key learning programs launched in the annual exam season on VTV7 channel from 2016. After 4 years of broadcasting, the Conquering Exam Program of VTV7 has built a database. Big data includes over 200 lectures on television and nearly 500 clips for distribution on digital platform, helping students easily find and study on demand before each exam season. In Circular No. 793 / BGDĐT-GDTr on strengthening teaching via the Internet and on television during the school break to prevent and control Covid-19, the Ministry of Education and Training also asked teachers and students to consult lectures broadcast on VTV7.

The goal of Conquering the Exam is not to replace the classroom teaching but to help students consolidate the knowledge taught throughout the school year and so as for them to be more confident when taking the exams. The program focuses on students in rural and mountainous areas, helping them to have access to more quality lectures which are completely free, contributing to narrowing the learning gap between regions. With the complicated development of the Covid -19 pandemic, online learning has been useful not only for students in rural areas but also to help improve the safety of students in all parts of the country.


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