"Changing Parents": Joining VTV7 in the journey of raising happy children

by Hồng Quân10 November 2018 Last updated at 11:00 AM

'Changing Parents': Joining  VTV7 in  the journey of raising happy children - "Changing Parents" is a special documentary series of VTV7 that seeks to find a way to connect parents and children, helping family members to connect and love each other.

Talking about parenting, many parents are experiencing difficulties, frustrations, even helplessness and deadlock.   Parents and children  become ever more distant due to disagreement of worldview or the  instinctive parenting unwillingly hurts the child or  causing  "side effects". All of these are avoidable.

How  parents’ feeling affects their children?    How to connect with children and understand more about them? The loving the child is loving the right way? 

Understanding the pitfalls of parenting, the "Changing Parents" program is designed to assist parents in recognizing the problems of parenting and finding the way  to connect with children, from which raising children in  happiness.

With the cooperation of leading experts in Vietnam and  in the world in psychology, counseling and training of parents, the program’s guests  will see their behavior, parent and children feelings and interaction  analyzed. From the above analysis, the consultants will provide appropriate feedback and basic solution to improve the existing problem of the family. Parents will see the problems in their own way of learning, learn a variety of solutions through training sessions, then understand, transform themselves,  find the way to express themselves and love their children  the right way.