Casting for Super Junior gameshow on VTV7 for elementary school students

by Hồng Quân11 May 2023 Last updated at 08:00 AM

VTV.vn - The organizers of the Super Junior game show (VTV7) have announced the casting and recruitment of students to participate in the program. This is an English test game for elementary school students nationwide.

In order to create a useful playground for elementary school students, VTV7 and sponsor Hoa Junior organized the Super Junior TV game show. Here, children have the opportunity to try their luck in team games, demonstrate their English language skills, and learn from their peers.

The teams go through four challenges in each episode: Super Pioneer, Super Explorer, Super Star, Super Talent. Each team is made up of two students. "They become friends who push, encourage, and support each other as they participate in the game to get to the finish line for a chance to win the grand prize. From there, the children will learn to interact with their teammates, learn about sharing and solidarity; at the same time, they will accumulate more knowledge and skills in English," said the organizer's representative. The judges of the program are experts with many years of experience in the field of English language, education and training.

The Super Junior prize has a total value of VND650 million. The prize structure includes: a first prize worth VND300 million, including VND50 million in cash and a place in an international summer camp, a full English scholarship; a second prize worth VND200 million, including VND20 million in cash and a full English scholarship; a third prize worth VND150 million, including VND10 million in cash and a full English scholarship.


- Elementary school students in schools throughout the country.

- The contestant's parents are not foreigners and do not speak English as their first language.

- The contestant has not lived in an English-speaking country in the past 3 years.

- The contestant does not represent an English brand.

- Participate in groups of 2 students. A school may send more than one team to the auditions.

- Love and excel in English.

- Be bold, exploratory, and willing to challenge themselves.

How to apply:

- Fill out the following form at: https://s.imap.edu.vn/mbvrx- After the video selection round, the organizing committee will select 100 teams to participate in the interview round. From there, 27 teams will be selected to participate in the Super Junior taping.

- The final selection will be made by the Organizing Committee.

Deadline: Until 05/25/2023

For more information, please contact:

- E-mail: Superjuniorvtv7@gmail.com

- Ms. Mai Chi: 0835214018


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