Cao Lanh joins UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities

by NDO04 September 2022 Last updated at 18:00 PM

A corner of Cao Lanh city (Photo:
A corner of Cao Lanh city (Photo: - Cao Lanh city from the Mekong River Delta province of Dong Thap, along with 76 cities from 43 other countries, was officially listed in the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities on September 2.

Cao Lanh was the fifth city in Vietnam to join the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities, following Hai Duong (2015), Ho Chi Minh City (2015), and Sa Dec and Vinh (2020).

This award aimed to honour the cities for their great efforts in promoting lifelong learning in the community.

The UNESCO’s recognition of Cao Lanh city is expected to help locals have more favourable opportunities in exchanging their ideas, knowledge and experience with other member cities around the world, as well as access to experts and researchers in the field of education, to update knowledge and practices.

In addition, the title of “UNESCO Global Learning City” is the international community's recognition of Cao Lanh’s prestige, thereby the city can attract more investment and human resources toward sustainable and prosperous development.

Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO, said the newly-recognised learning cities are well-deserved thanks to their excellent expertise and efforts to transform the interests in learning into reality.

To adapt to new challenges and maintain a good reading culture, Cao Lanh city has introduced much innovative software and organised seminars, conferences and meetings related to education and reading. Besides, the locality has actively promoted the role of student and youth unions at all levels in gathering and building a generation of Vietnamese people who are passionate about learning, business, science and technology.


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