Building a united and compassionate community

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At a humanitarian market in Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap Province.
At a humanitarian market in Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap Province.

VTV.vn - For the past five years, the Humanitarian Month has been held annually in May by the Vietnam Red Cross Society with practical and meaningful activities.

The event focuses on supporting disadvantaged and vulnerable people, spreading the spirit of solidarity, compassion, and humanitarianism in the community.

In response to the month, the Red Cross Society of Thai Nguyen Province has carried out surveys and established a charity data system connecting disadvantaged people and philanthropists together. The system has supported disadvantaged families affected by pandemics and natural disasters through the building of social houses, presentation of savings books, and provision of food and essential supplies.

According to Le Ngoc Due, the chairman of the provincial Red Cross Society, in this year's Humanitarian Month the Provincial Red Cross Society has set the target of mobilising 5 billion VND, supporting at least 7,000 people in difficult circumstances, and adding at least 200 new addresses to the charity data system.

In Da Nang City, the local Red Cross Society is implementing a programme to provide 10,000 free meals to local poor households, freelance workers, disadvantaged children, and patients at hospitals.

Le Thi Phan, a 47-year-old woman who works part-time at Hoa Khanh Market in Lien Chieu District, said that she was very surprised to see the volunteers delivering free meals to freelance workers at the market, adding that the meal warmed her heart after a long working day.

Vice Chairman of the Da Nang City Red Cross Society Nguyen Tien Lam said that various activities have been launched to realise the goal of supporting 15,000 poor and disadvantaged people during Humanitarian Month 2022.

The 10,000-free-meal programme has been implemented across the city, which not only runs during Humanitarian Month, but has been regularly maintained in recent years in order to relieve difficulties for disadvantaged people.

Meanwhile in Dong Thap Province, a humanitarian market was recently organised in Cao Lanh City by the city's Red Cross Society in coordination with local socio-political organisations.

At the market, disadvantaged people were given free gift-vouchers by the organisers to shop at 22 stalls selling rice and other necessities such as: sugar, soy sauce, fish sauce, instant noodles, cooking oil, vegetables, tubers and fruits. A total of 400 gifts worth 500,000 VND each were also presented to poor and disadvantaged households during the event.

Pham Thai Binh, a resident of Ward 2, Cao Lanh City, said he was very touched by the great care provided by the local authorities and Red Cross Society. “On sales at the market are essential items which every household needs in daily life,” he said.

“The humanitarian market was held in response to Humanitarian Month 2022, aiming to help disadvantaged people overcome difficulties,” stated Vice Chairman of the Dong Thap Provincial Red Cross Society Vo Truong Son.

Son said that the provincial Red Cross Society has strived to mobilise more financial support to effectively organise charity activities for people in difficult circumstances.

Since its launch in 2018, Humanitarian Month has raised more than 1.5 trillion VND (65.57 million USD), helping more than 3.3 million disadvantaged people across the county.

With the theme ‘Connecting the Community- Spreading Humanitarian Actions’, this year’s event targeted to mobilise 400 billion VND to support one million needy people in difficult circumstances.

A project to assist fishermen, with the aim to benefit nearly 1,250 households living on floating houses in coastal and island localities and 291 poor coastal communes, and a programme targeting to help one million children escape malnutrition were also launched within the framework of the month.

“We hope that people will join hands to do good deeds. Together, each small act of kindness will be developed into good actions, contributing to building a united and compassionate community,” said Vice President of the Vietnam Red Cross Society Tran Quoc Hung.


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