"Brilliant Journey" introduces its cast

by Hồng Quân27 May 2023 Last updated at 09:00 AM

VTV.vn - On the evening of May 26, the producer of "Brilliant Journey" held a press conference to announce the guests of the program, namely Truong Giang, Thuy Ngan, Duong Lam, Bich Phuong, Isaac and Nega.

True to the spirit of the program, six guests appeared in traditional Ao Dai. At the press conference, they shared interesting stories about the first episodes filmed, behind-the-scenes stories, and difficulties faced by each member, making many people curious and excited about the broadcast of Episode 1.

Playing the role of the elder brother, Truong Giang shared his feelings about participating in the program, "My feelings are joy and pride, the pride is not how I have overcome the way, but to be proud of Vietnam. Many beautiful things, many good traditions of our country have taught me to love my grandparents and my parents, to keep national traditions".

Thuy Ngan also spoke enthusiastically about her experience: "This is a program to discover the identity, cuisine and culture of the Vietnamese people, not just entertainment. I myself also want to understand more about Vietnamese culture by participating in the program. ".

Le Duong Bao Lam, the character who creates the atmosphere and imparts energy to the members, said he also prepares a lot for Brilliant Journey's trips. "For example, when you go to Yen Tu, you have to wear a T-shirt with Yen Tu Pagoda on the back. If you go to Tien Giang, you have to prepare a map with the population and the land. When you go to the coconut land, you have to hold the basket with a coconut in it. Coming to this program, I want to promote Vietnam tourism. I want to show everyone a well-informed Le Duong Bao Lam. The places I pass through personally convey a small part of his knowledge so that the public will know more about the beautiful scenery and interesting things about the countries he visited," the actor said.

Surprised to be participating in the reality show for the first time, Bich Phuong couldn't help but worry as he started the journey: "I often get scared when I stand in front of the camera, I can't talk. The first few days I felt depressed. However, every day that passes with everyone's support, I feel very lucky because, for the first time participating in a reality show, I was able to be a member of a really meaningful program."

Always appearing in the image of a well-mannered male, perhaps the Brilliant Journey will be the first opportunity for the audience to see the very different sides of Isaac. He confided, "After going to the third stage, I felt exhausted and drained, I slept a lot. In the past, I saw Ngo Kien Huy and Hieuthuhai fall asleep every time they finished filming, why did they sleep so much? But now, every time I finished filming the program, when I was in the car, I slept like everyone else. I feel very happy that I started to have the opportunity to experience more besides singing. Hopefully this reality show, the production team and the organizing committee will be more loved by everyone".

Brilliant Journey will not only provide viewers with moments of entertainment and laughter, but will also showcase the beautiful scenery, culture, cuisine and people of the country's north, central and south. As a result, it conveys a positive message to viewers, inspiring a love for nature, people, and cultural and artistic values that are imbued with Vietnamese identity.

The first episode of Brilliant Journey will be aired on May 28 at 21:15 on VTV3.


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