Autumn is the best time for a trip to Trang An

by Bảo Hân02 November 2022 Last updated at 12:21 PM

VTV.vn - In the cool weather, gentle golden sunshine and a bit of chill, Trang An appears with gentle beauty and many miracles which will surely bring visitors unforgettable experiences.

About over 100 km from Hanoi, there is a land with full green. Green of trees, green of water ..all drew a nice picture.

As the meeting point of heaven and earth, in 2014, Trang An was honored to be recognized by UNESCO as a dual world heritage, including cultural heritage and natural heritage.

Trang An scenic complex has a system of limestone mountains with a lifespan of up to 250 million years. It also has an ecosystem of flooded forests, forests on limestone mountains as well as a mysterious cave system containing many archaeological relics about the development of nature.

Do you know that, Trang An is consisting of 48 trans-water caves, 31 blue rivers. There are also Tran Temples, Trinh Temples - ancient and sacred temples. Kong film studio - a super hot place that everyone has certainly heard of is also located in Trang An. And..in addition, , if you are a food enthusiast, you will also be surprised by the famous dishes in this place.

Sitting on a dugout boat, along to the clear water, you will be amazed by the beauty that nature bestows here. There are majestic, winding rocky mountains, which are fragrant rice fields beside the stream, which are mossy trees clinging to the cliffs... All blend together, creating a dreamy scene, as beautiful as a charming watercolor painting.

When autumn comes, Trang An puts on the most beautiful shirt of the year. In the mild weather, letting your soul into the river, the clouds, listening to the birds singing, the oars swinging the side of the boat - that will be a feeling that everyone wants to enjoy once.


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