Audiences are happy with the ending of the movie "I Love The Sunny Day"

by Hồng Quân05 August 2022 Last updated at 10:00 AM

VTV.vn - After going through many challenges and many tears, the characters of "I love the sunny day" had a complete and full ending that also made the audience happy.

It was thought that when "I Love The Sunny Day" Part 2 closed, the behind-the-scene image of Duy - Trang's wedding revealed would not surprise the audience in the final episodes. On the contrary, the director and scriptwriter know how to bring the audience into the suffocating suspense in the final episode, the 54th.

The fate of the film's great mother, Mrs. Nga, brought tears to viewers' eyes in the opening scenes of the last episode, as she lay in the emergency room, on the line of life and death. At this moment, many viewers prayed for her convalescence.

And the miracle happened, returning Mrs. Nga to the loving arms of her children and grandchildren, whom she has spent a lifetime loving.

This perfect ending makes viewers feel happy to follow Mrs. Nga's family and also feel more love for their parents and relatives.

Not only Mrs. Nga, but also the other characters in the movie have a happy ending. Duy - Trang got married after many storms. Van - Phong continues to pursue his passion and is content with his love. Khanh - Duc family also has a chance to reunite. Vuong-Mo are joyful with their first daughter.

"I am very happy because Mrs. Nga is still there with a happy smile."

"Mrs. Nga appeared and the audience cheered more than the champion Vietnam."

"Thank you artist Thanh Quy and the film crew!"

"The episode is full of emotions. Happy, sad, suspense, memory and present. Good movie from the first episode to the last episode. Good actors from old to young, from male to female, from main character to supporting characters. But all movies have their end. I wish good health to the film crew and the actors."

"The movie is good, the actors are beautiful, the ending is very satisfying for the viewers. Overall, the film is very good throughout. Thanks to the screenwriter, director and production team. Audiences look forward to good movies like this."

Those are some of the many comments the audience has left on fan pages about Vietnam Television movies.


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