At Every Mile: a show photophiles should not miss

by Hồng Quân17 May 2018 Last updated at 16:24 PM

At Every Mile: a show photophiles should not miss - At every mile is the program dedicated to still photography produced by the Youth Program Production department of VTV.

Capturing the memorable moments is now the habit of every one, not only photographers, especially with the advent of smartphones.

The show consists of two players who will be taught on photography along the way. After learning, they, themselves, will make their own photo creations.

The reality show At Every Mile is aimed at inspiring the young people on photography. Throughout the photo topics and messages, the program will teach the players and the audience the photographic techniques and camera technology.

The photos taken during the show are expected to ignite the passion for photography among the young people. Each episode of At Every Mile will feature a renown photographer or a group of young photographers who will tell their photographic experiences.