An indelible memory on the first variety show of VTV

by Hồng Quân27 August 2020 Last updated at 14:45 PM

An indelible memory on the first variety show of VTV - VKT is one of the programs that was much loved by the audience. Aired for the first time on July 14, 1989, the program VKT - short for Culture - Science - Sports- blew fresh air to TV production by that time .

The production crew of the famous VKT program included journalists Tran Tien Duc, Tran Binh Minh, Tran Dang Tuan, Vu Duc Khuynh, Lai Van Sam ...

"At that time, a program of knowledge and information was needed as many people were interested in social issues, especially those related to culture, science and sport ", said journalist Tran Tien Duc, who added: "I feel proud of coming up with a completely new format and believed my younger colleagues would be capable of making a breakthrough in TV production. It also helped broadcasters get closer to the audience ".

VKT's breakthrough consisted of a new way of presenting as reporters and editors of the show took the role of hosts. This is also the first variety show produced by VTV with a duration of 30 minutes.

The team of VKTs is mostly young people, who graduated from abroad, mostly Russia. After a period of editing and broadcasting international content, these young reporters went to many localities across the country to explore and find out new themes to produce their own programs.

New and lively topic of culture, science and sports were constantly being delivered to television audiences for a long period of time.

From 1989 to 1995, with enthusiasm and passion, VKT journalists produced hundreds of episodes, lots of interesting content and received much love from the audience.

During the 50-year development with the contribution of many generations of television program producers including those VKT, VTV has become a modernized multimedia corporation as today.