Accelerating vaccination for vulnerable people

by NDO30 July 2021 Last updated at 18:00 PM

Doctors at Bach Mai Hospital assessing the health status of people with disabilities.
Doctors at Bach Mai Hospital assessing the health status of people with disabilities.

VTV.vn - The early vaccination of eight groups of vulnerable people and those with disabilities has been a profound encouragement, helping them overcome daily difficulties as well as triumph against the pandemic.

The activity also aims to contribute to implementing the Government’s goal of accelerating vaccination towards herd immunity and the mantra of “leaving no one behind amidst the pandemic”.

The above message was shared by Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc at a conference to implement the COVID-19 vaccination programme for eight groups of people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups, held by the Ministry in collaboration with Bach Mai Hospital in Hanoi on July 29.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc said that since 2018, the Ministry and Minister have chosen and are determined to carry out proper supports for people with disabilities.

“Amidst the complicated development of the COVID-19 epidemic, we are more aware that they are more vulnerable than ever, she said.

The Deputy Minister also extended her sincere thanks and gratitude to the doctors for their sacrifices and contributions, while wishing them good health and peace in their vocation.

Twenty-two deaf-mute workers from the KymViet Company were also vaccinated on July 29 with the support of the Ministry of Planning and Investment. Pham Viet Hoai, President of the KymViet Company said that due to their hearing and speaking impairments, deaf and dumb people were happy but worried when they received a notice of vaccination from the Ministry.

Hoai shared: “We held a meeting with all employees to explain the necessity and benefits of vaccination against COVID-19. When they understood, all of them were eager to be vaccinated to increase their resistance against the epidemic and especially towards further opportunities to work and create useful products in life”.

“The relevant agencies and ministries have always cared for people with disabilities, creating motivation for us to have more faith in life and improve our health. I hope that the vaccination programme will be accelerated to create herd immunity, helping Vietnam overcome the pandemic”, added Hoai.

Talking to the press, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dao Xuan Co, Deputy Director of Bach Mai Hospital said that implementing the Party’s and Government’s direction of leaving no one behind, Bach Mai Hospital, in collaboration with the Ministry of Planning and Investment and the relevant agencies and organisations, has organised a vaccination campaign for vulnerable people and those with disabilities in society.

“We have planned and held vaccination in a safe manner, ensuring distance and avoiding infection. Around 200 people were vaccinated. Injection teams were arranged with the most experienced staff in terms of emergency resuscitation, screening and safe injection at the hospital, said Dr. Dao Xuan Co.

Vaccination for workers with disabilities was carried out in accordance with the Government's policy of giving priority to the poor and social policy beneficiaries (Resolution No. 21/NQ-CP) and with the guidance of the Ministry of Health on vaccinations against COVID-19 for units in Hanoi (Document No. 3823/BYT-DP dated May 7, 2021).

Some selections from the vaccination session (Photo: Bach Mai Hospital and Ministry of Planning and Investment)

Workers queuing up and waiting for instructions

Bach Mai Hospital's staff supporting blind people in their medical declarations


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