19 works win 'Silent sacrifice’ contest

by VNA28 December 2021 Last updated at 13:42 PM

At the event (Photo:hanoimoi.vn)
At the event (Photo:hanoimoi.vn)

VTV.vn - An award ceremony was held in Hanoi on December 28 to honour 19 winners of the ‘Silent sacrifice’ contest.

The contest aims to honour the silent contributions to ensuring the safety and security of the community, especially for female migrant workers in the context of COVID-19.

Co-organised by the Kinh te & Do thi (Economic and Urban) newspaper and ActionAid International in Vietnam (AAV) organisation, Aid for social protection programme foundation Vietnam (AFV), the contest was held from December 9 to December 28.

Although launched in a short time, the 'Silent sacrifice’ contest has received the participation of a large number of authors across the country with more than 320 entries.

According to Permanent Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Journalists' Association Ho Quang Loi, currently, due to the impact and influence of the COVID-19 epidemic, the lives of female workers, young people of ethnic minorities and other disadvantaged groups, face many difficulties. The problems they face need help from many sides. Therefore, the 'Silent sacrifice’ contest, with works that mention, reflect, analyse the legal corridor, propose solutions and new ideas in preventing and combating sexual harassment in the workplace, has made a common voice to protect the lives of female workers, ethnic minority youth and other disadvantaged groups.

Through this contest, the community has a clearer and more thorough view of ensuring the right to health care, the right to be protected against harassment, the right to work in a healthy environment of female workers and disadvantaged groups.

The head of the organizing committee of the contest, Editor-in-Chief of the Kinh te & Do thi Newspaper Nguyen Minh Duc assessed that many of the works participating in the contest were of good quality.

As a result, the organising board presented the first, second, third and consolation prizes to 19 best works, including one first place prize and three second place prizes; at the same time rewarding 20 works that entered the final round. In addition, a number of groups and individuals who actively responded and participated in the contest were also praised and rewarded.

With the spirit of spreading far and wide, it is expected that the 'Silent sacrifice’ contest will be held annually.


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