18 contestants compete in the national final of Sao Mai 2022

by Hồng Quân06 September 2022 Last updated at 06:00 AM

VTV.vn - The Sao Mai 2022 national final round has many changes to bring new experiences to both participants and spectators.

The press conference to launch the national final round of Sao Mai 2022 was held in Hanoi on the afternoon of September 5 with the participation of contestants and representatives of the organizing committee. The event attracted the attention of many reporters from domestic media outlets.

The national final round of Sao Mai Award 2022 will take place in Hai Phong City with four nights of competition (September 18 and 25 and October 2 and 9) and two nights of performances (September 11 and October 16) to be broadcast live on VTV1 channel. Innovations in the format and the consistently good quality of the contestants are important factors determining the success of this year's Sao Mai season.

Sharing about this year's Sao Mai award, Do Thanh Hai, Deputy General Director of Vietnam Television, affirmed the position of a prestigious music contest. With strong innovation to improve quality, this year's contest will continue to reveal many brilliant talents, he said.

"Sao Mai is one of the programs that always make Vietnam Television proud for its rich tradition, musical value, as well as selecting, training and presenting quality voices to the public. In the near future, Vietnam Television will promote its activities towards becoming a multimedia media agency, which requires us to perform well not only on traditional channels but also on many internet platforms. In 2022, Sao Mai has adopted strong innovations, sees its quality improved and cares about the image of contestants," Do Thanh Hai said.

This year, for the first time, the national final round of the Sao Mai Award will be held in 6 consecutive nights. In which, 4 nights of competition are challenges to choose the best contestants; the two nights of performances are an opportunity for the public, the Sao Mai singers and the contestants to meet, gather and immerse themselves in an emotional musical space.

This year's Sao Mai national final round has 18 participants, more than in previous seasons. They are the ones chosen by the Organizing Committee from the large number of contestants. The increase of 3 candidates compared to the original plan is because the Organizing Committee wants to give opportunities to more qualified candidates. This is also a factor that makes the competition among the contestants fiercer.

Evaluating the quality of this year's contestants, journalist Nguyen Vong Ngan, head of VTV's Artistic Program Department, said all the candidates were well prepared and had many qualities. This is also the reason why the jury decided to choose more candidates to enter the national final this year than last year. This also means that the next rounds of competition will be even fiercer.

By participating in Sao Mai 2022, contestants enjoy more benefits. They will make more public appearance through contests, musical performances or in 12 episodes of "Accompanying Sao Mai 2022". Candidates will be working with prestigious professionals, famous singers, experienced teams in the field of music and entertainment. As a result, they will accumulate more performance experience, gradually sharpening their professional style and skills.

This year's Sao Mai marks the determination to make a drastic change from the organization, the way of judging to the creation of content. Sao Mai 2022 will be younger and more popular because of its closeness and multidimensionality. These evident changes come from the diversification of information channels, the expansion of public access through the system of VTV digital platforms such as: electronic newspaper VTV News (specifically in www.saomai.vtv.vn ), VTVgo application and social networking channels: Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube.

This innovation makes it easier for the audience to grasp the information and actively choose their own way to watch Sao Mai 2022. Contestants also have more opportunities to interact with the audience, listen to suggestions and ideas for preparing songs, choreography before appearing on stage. Through this connection, the audience will gradually identify their favorite voice. The return of the Award for the Most Favorite Contestant Sao Mai 2022 is a way for the audience to express those emotions through votes for their favorite contestant on the VTVgo application. The public has every right to decide the owner of this award.

2022 is the second year that the Sao Mai Award is held in Hai Phong City. Participating in the national final round here is an opportunity for 18 contestants to discover the culture, tradition, history and immerse themselves in the life of the Port people.

Sao Mai Award 2022, the national final round, promises to be a quality television program for VTV viewers and remains a journey to find authentic musical talents to contribute to the movement and development of Vietnamese music.


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