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Vietnamese products confidently conquer fastidious markets

03/30/2021 16:34

VTV.vn - Not only keeping their growth rate at an impressive level, thanks to improved quality, Vietnamese goods have also continued to conquer demanding markets.


Vietnam's commodity market expected to attract increased investment

02/27/2020 18:34

VTV.vn - The development of a commodity exchange in Vietnam is expected to provide an alternative for investors when they find difficulties investing in risky assets such as stock and real estate.

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Flexibly, prudently operating monetary policy

01/18/2020 15:40

VTV.vn - The active, flexible and prudent monetary policy management from the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has contributed greatly to the nation’s macroeconomic stability, inflation control, and economic growth in 2019.

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Countryside market during Tet holiday

01/16/2020 15:54

VTV.vn - The Tet atmosphere with the new spring season is coming all over the country. In the northern rural areas, the countryside markets for the occasion of Tet are often crowded and bustling.

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Can Tho International Travel Mart 2019 opens

11/30/2019 09:34

VTV.vn - The first-ever Vietnam International Travel Mart Can Tho 2019, the largest event of its kind in the Mekong Delta, kicked off in Can Tho City on Friday.

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Cloud service market in Vietnam - a digital infrastructure sharing economy

10/31/2019 13:46

VTV.vn - The cloud services market is forecast to reach 1.3 billion USD in 2022, according to the global advisory firm Gartner.

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Fintech market forecast to reach 9 bln USD in 2020

06/12/2019 12:29

VTV.vn - The Fintech market is forecast to witness good development in Vietnam in the future.

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Industrial real estate market to thrive

04/24/2019 13:49

VTV.vn - Vietnam's industrial real estate market is expected to attract foreign investors.

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Vietnam's housing market competitive in the region

03/06/2019 17:31

VTV.vn - The mid-range housing sector is forecast to lead Vietnam's real estate market this year.

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Gold market heats up for God of Wealth Day

02/15/2019 09:34

VTV.vn - The domestic gold market heated up and gold prices rose on the God of Wealth Day, which falls on the 10th day of the Lunar New Year (February 14).

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Vietnamese coffee in the American market

11/25/2018 14:24

VTV.vn - It's estimated that Americans spend 45 billion USD each year on coffee making it a covetable market for many coffee producers around the world.

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Vietnamese market capitalization exceeds 80% of GDP

07/02/2018 09:43

VTV.vn - After almost two months of continuous fluctuations, the Vietnamese stock market has finally shown signs of recovery thanks to large investment into newly listed companies early this year.

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RoK – potential market for Vietnam’s fruit-vegetable exports

05/31/2018 16:18

VTV.vn - The Republic of Korea is now the fourth biggest importer of Vietnamese fruits and vegetables.


Vietnam to become South Korea's 2nd largest market

03/21/2018 14:35

VTV.vn - According to the Korea International Trade Association, Vietnam will surpass the US to become South Korea's 2nd largest export market by 2020, thanks to the Vietnam - Korea Free Trade Agreement that has been effective since 2015.

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Farm produce markets to launch in Ho Chi Minh City

01/09/2018 14:23

VTV.vn - Ho Chi Minh City authorities have officially approved a project to build the first two clean farm produce markets in Hoc Mon and Ben Thanh wholesale markets.

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Market rebounds on blue chips

11/02/2017 08:59

Shares rebounded on the HCM Stock Exchange on Wednesday as large-cap stocks returned to positive territory. The overall market trading conditions remained negative, however, and signaled more volatility in the near future.


Derivatives market shows positive signs

09/07/2017 12:32

VTV.vn - The derivatives market officially operated nearly a month ago.

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11,400 market frauds discovered

07/03/2017 08:59

The market management departments of 19 provinces and cities in the south in the first half of the year discovered more than 11,420 violations of smuggling, trade fraud and counterfeiting, a year-on-year increase of 4 per cent, according to the HCM C


Cambodia border market

06/14/2017 07:27

VTV.vn - Cambodia and Vietnam want a border of peace, friendship, stability, and development co-operation.

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Tet market welcomes new year shoppers

01/31/2017 15:26

VTV.vn - Go Market has officially been recognised as one of the 100 most distinct markets in Vietnam.

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